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Lindbergh, Charles A., in Texas

Texas was important in the career of aviation hero Charles A. Lindbergh (1902-75). When he bought his first World War I surplus Jenny in Georgia, he flew it to Texarkana in 1923, so he could say he had flown in Texas -- the ambition of every barnstormer. With L. A. Klink in March 1924, he landed Kli....

Historical Marker - Camp Wood.

Lyman's Wagon Train Battle

During the U.S. Army campaigns in 1874 against marauding Indians, Captain Wyllys Lyman led a wagon train to Camp Supply, Oklahoma, for rations for General Nelson A. Miles' troops on duty in Texas. On the way, Indians attacked, and the longest Indian battle in Panhandle history ensued. Fighting from ....

Historical Marker - Canadian.


"Umbarger In 1895, Civil War Veteran and farmer S.G. Umbarger established a wagon yard and sheds for travelers passing through this area. The area became known as Umbarger when the Pecos Valley Railroad, built in 1898, named a rail switch after him. By 1902, the community had a post office; in 1904,....

Historical Marker - Canyon.

Civil War Veterans Reunion

Celebrated annually in Canyon 1900-1910, these reunions were a focal point of social life. Each summer several thousand people arrived by horseback, train, buckboard, and covered wagon. Here they pitched tents and built fires to cook meals. Members of the "Stonewall Jackson" Confederate Veterans Cam....

Historical Marker - Canyon.

Dimmit County Courthouse

Named for one of the framers of the Texas Declaration of Independence, Dimmit County was created from four other counties in 1858. The county was formally organized in 1880, and Carrizo Springs was chosen as the county seat. On November 12, 1883, the county commissioners court chose noted architect ....

Historical Marker - Carrizo Springs.

Harrell, Mack

Born here on October 8, 1909, Mack Harrell received early training as a violinist. He later studied the instrument at Oklahoma City University, where he changed direction to pursue his baritone singing talent. After attending the Juilliard School of Music, he began a professional opera career and pe....

Historical Marker - Celeste.

Olive Branch Cemetery

The first burial at this site occurred in the early 1870s. Area settlers H. H. Bradford, B. P. Cox, J. C. Cartwright, and J. C. Weaver, donated the property for the interment of a young girl who had died on a wagon train. The earliest marked grave is that of Maria B. Smith (1805-1875). During the 18....

Historical Marker - Chico.

Chillicothe First Methodist Church

Originally organized in 1886 in the Jackson Springs community, this church was first served by circuit riders C. T. Neese and J. T. Hosmer. Shortly after the Fort Worth and Denver City Railway came through Chillicothe in 1887, the Jackson Springs Church moved into town. This edifice was erected at t....

Historical Marker - Chillicothe.

Christoval Baptist Church

Settlement of this area began in the 1860s and increased in the 1870s and 1880s following the establishment of Fort Concho in nearby San Angelo. The town of Christoval began to develop by 1885. The South Concho Baptist congregation was organized in 1889 with four charter members. The Rev. T. R. Legg....

Historical Marker - Christoval.

Scranton Academy, Site of

A private, coeducational school organized in 1903 to augment Scranton Public School (opened 1887). Scranton, a small farming-ranching community, was only 13 years old when citizens founded the academy, by public subscription. The school expanded rapidly, reaching an enrollment of 325 by 1910. At its....

Historical Marker - Cisco Vicinity.

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