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TOYAH, TEXAS . Toyah is on Billingslea Draw, Interstate Highway 20, U.S. Highway 80, Farm Road 2903, and the Missouri Pacific line in central Reeves County. It is the oldest townsite in Reeves County, and its name is from an Indian word that means flowing water. The community began as a trading post....

Ghosttown - Toyah.


HOBAN, TEXAS . Hoban is five miles northeast of Verhalen on State Highway 17 and the Pecos Valley Southern Railway in east central Reeves County. In August 1583 the entrada of Antonio de Espejo camped at a Jumano rancher?a near what is now the site of Hoban. The community formed after Reeves County ....

Ghosttown - Verhalen.


WHITTENBURG, JAMES ANDREW(1857-1936). James Andrew Whittenburg, cattleman, the son of George and Sarah (Jarvis) Whittenburg, was born on May 7, 1857, in Chillicothe, Missouri. After the Civil War Whittenburg's imagination was fired by reports of the cattle trade, and at the age of twelve he devised ....

Ghosttown - Whittenburg.

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