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Founded 1850. Named for Athens, Greece. Supply and military training headquarters during Civil War. Sent army about 1,000 men. Center for manufacturing and agriculture. Home of annual Old Fiddlers' Contest and of Henderson County Junior College. Black-eyed peas capital of the world.....

Historical Marker - Athens.

Jones, Major John B.

Famed defender of the frontier. Instilled ideals of excellence into Texas Rangers. Born in South Carolina. Came to Republic of Texas 1839. Educated at Old Baylor and Rutersville, where students had to defend school from Indian attacks. In Civil War, 1861-65, served with Terry's Texas Rangers and Spe....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Tillotson College

Founded in 1875 by the Rev. George J. Tillotson with the support of the American Missionary Association and congregational churches, Tillotson Collegiate and Normal Institute was chartered in 1877. Building on a foundation already set in Austin by the Evans Industrial School, Tillotson College focus....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Hirshfeld House

Henry Hirshfeld (1834-1911), a native of Germany, was a prominent Austin merchant and a leader in the city's Jewish community. In 1873 he and hid wife Jennie (Melasky) built a one-story limestone cottage on the lot west of this site. Because of the financial success and a growing family, they later ....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Waters Park

Waters Park was a multi-ethnic community located north of Austin in the 19th century. The Austin & Northwestern Railroad, which built a line through here to transport granite for construction of the State Capitol, built a recreational park in Waters Park, and ran excursion trains for customers. The ....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

"Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary This seminary had its origins in the Austin School of Theology, begun in 1884 by the Rev. Dr. Richmond Kelley Smoot and the Rev. Dr. Robert Lewis Dabney to provide training for candidates for the Presbyterian Ministry whom the founders hoped would remain in ....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Del Valle Army Air Base

(Bergstrom Air Force Base) Following the U.S. entry into World War II, the Army Air Corps established a base here in the Del Valle community on land once a part of the Santiago del Valle Mexican land grant. The City of Austin purchased 3,000 acres to lease to the federal government for use as an air....

Historical Marker - Austin.

San Leon

Strategically located on a peninsula surrounded by Galveston, Trinity and Dickinson bays, San Leon has a rich and varied history. Amos Edwards and his family were the first to settle on the peninsula after the Mexican government opened the Texas tidelands to Anglo colonization in 1828. In 1837, Will....

Historical Marker - Bacliff.

Biggers, James Fowler

(January 21, 1829 - October 26, 1914) A native of South Carolina, James Fowler Biggers grew up in Mississippi. In 1869 he and other members of his family traveled to Texas by wagon train and settled in Fannin County. Biggers helped establish the White Rock Primitive Baptist Church and often serve th....

Historical Marker - Bailey.

Banquete, C.S.A.

In the critical civil war years, Banquete meant water, supplies, repairs and defenses to thousands on arid trips along the Cotton Road to Mexico. The Cotton Road was well known, for it followed a segment of the historic "King's Highway" of early explorers. Yet its vital role for 4 years in supplying....

Historical Marker - Banquete.

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