Uncovered Texas


M K & T Train Station


Postcard - San Antonio.

Mule Train


Postcard - Victoria.

Train Depot


Postcard - Yoakum.

Strain, W. A., House


Neighborhood - Lancaster.

Strain & Company


Neighborhood - Plainview.

Front of Santa Fe Train Station


Neighborhood - .

Strain, W. A., House.


National Register - Lancaster.

Czech Settlers in Hill County

One of the most influential and numerous national groups to settle in Hill County, Czechs came to this area from Fayette County and the province of Moravia in Austria-Hungary. Many sought greater freedom due to barriers to attaining national status in the old country, political restraints, introduct....

Historical Marker - Abbott.

Infantry Division at Camp Barkeley, 45th

The 45th Infantry Division, comprised of National Guard units from Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, was one of the first four divisions ordered into federal service by Congress' joint resolution in 1940. Initially stationed at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, the 45th was relocated to Camp Barkele....

Historical Marker - Abilene.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

This church began as a mission in the 1880s to serve Catholics in the Abilene area. Early members included Abilene pioneer Theodore Heyck and City Marshal J. J. Clinton. Priests came by train from Weatherford to conduct worship services, first in private homes and later in public buildings. The Bish....

Historical Marker - Abilene.

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