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North-South Railway Connection

On December 24, 1872, a Missouri, Kansas & Texas (Katy) Railroad train carrying 100 passengers arrived here in the newly established railroad town of Denison. Its arrival marked the culmination of years of effort by the Katy to construct a rail line from the border of Kansas and the Indian Territory....

Historical Marker - Denison.

Texas Normal College

At this site, on the second floor of a hardware store, 70 students enrolled for the first session of Texas Normal College and Teacher Training Institute, September 16, 1890. The students included 28 Creeks from Indian territory. The city of Denton provided classrooms for the faculty of five under pr....

Historical Marker - Denton.

Denton, City of

Pioneers settled this locality in the 1840's. In 1846 the Texas Legislature created Denton county -- one of several carved from the Peters Colony grant. After trying other sites, the voters in 1856 accepted for county seat this tract donated by Hiram Cisco, William Loving, and William Woodruff. The ....

Historical Marker - Denton.

First University Building

On this site in 1891, the city of Denton erected a building to be leased to President Joshua C. Chilton, for the use of the privately owned Texas Normal College and Teacher Training Institute, which he had opened the year before in a business building downtown. The 10-acre campus became state proper....

Historical Marker - Denton.


The Marshall & East Texas Railroad, chartered 1908 was part of a line built 1882. Operated a passenger train nicknamed the "Misery & Eternal Torment," and ran a logging train until 1917. The Port Bolivar & Iron Ore Line was founded 1911 to haul ore from Upshur County to the Texas Coast, but never bu....

Historical Marker - Diana.

Dickinson Station of the GH&H Railroad

Chartered by the State of Texas on February 7, 1853, the Galveston, Houston, and Henderson Railroad was the first railroad to reach the Texas Coast. A trestle was built across Galveston Bay in 1859, and passenger and freight service was initiated between Galveston and Harrisburg. The line's earliest....

Historical Marker - Dickinson.

Dickinson, Townsite of

Oldest mainland settlement in Galveston County, named for John Dickinson, one of "Old 300" settlers in original colony (opened in 1821) of Stephen F. Austin. Townsite is on Dickinson Bayou land grant of James F. and Emily Austin Perry (brother-in-law and sister of Austin), surveyed in April 1830 by ....

Historical Marker - Dickinson.

Penn Springs

This area was an important early campsite and watering spot for Indians and pioneer settlers. Two springs formed a natural pool which served as a landmark for wagon trains and cattle drives on the Shawnee Trail. In the 1850s the site was settled by the family of Maj. John Penn of Illinois, who had f....

Historical Marker - Duncanville.

Lakeside Sugar Refinery

The Sugar Industry, which began in Texas before the Civil War (1861-65), was revived in the late 1800s by cheaper refining methods. One of the leading sugar producers in Colorado County was William Dunovant. In 1898 he and several men from Eagle Lake built the Cane Belt Railroad to take cane to the ....

Historical Marker - Eagle Lake.

Eaker, General Ira C.

"General Ira C. Eaker Ira Clarence Eaker was born April 13, 1896, in Field Creek, Llano County, Texas. In 1906, his parents, Young Yancy and Ladonia (Graham) Eaker, moved the family to the Eden area, where he and his brothers attended school. Eaker enlisted in the army on April 7, 1917, one day afte....

Historical Marker - Eden.

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