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Cuero Land and Immigration Company

On December 25, 1871, Cuero Land and Immigration Company was formed to develop 4,128 acres of land from J. A. Valdez y Gonzales League (granted 1833 by Mexico). Company charter was issued Feb. 7, 1872. There were four founders and stockholders of C. L. I. C.: Gustav Schleicher (1827-1879), civil eng....

Historical Marker - Cuero.

Dallas Baptist University (Decatur Baptist College)

Closely linked to Northwest Baptist College, which operated from 1891 to 1897, Decatur Baptist College opened its doors in 1898. The college was the result of an effort by Texas Baptist leaders to consolidate all Texas Baptist Schools under the direction of Baylor University and the Baptist General ....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Lincoln High School

In 1937, the Dallas school board appointed a building committee to find land for a new high school for African Americans. The committee chose eleven acres at this location. Lincoln High School was one of the largest campuses in the city, with twenty classrooms, chemistry and physics laboratories, au....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Lane, John W.

Kentucky native John W. Lane (1835-1888) was a member of Tannehill Lodge No. 52 AF&AM. Trained as a printer, he came to Dallas in 1859 and worked for the Dallas Herald newspaper. He married Elizabeth Crutchfield in 1860 and the next year joined the 18th Texas Cavalry to serve in the Civil War. Upon ....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Civilian Conservation Corps Company 2896

Soon after President Franklin D. Roosevelt took office in 1933, he established what would become the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), a New Deal program designed to address hardships during the Great Depression. In addition to providing wages, it trained young men in building trades and other skil....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Baylor University Medical Center

"Baylor University Medical Center Dallas in 1900 had insufficient medical care for its more than 40,000 residents. That year, despite some opposition from local doctors, Dr. Charles McDaniel Rosser established the University of Dallas Medical School, although at the time no such university existed. ....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Steel Dust, Fabulous Quarter Horse

19th century Texas frontier champion who became foundation sire for the most popular quarter horse strain of the 20th century. A Virginia type horse foaled by a Kentucky thoroughbred mare, Steel Dust was brought in 1844 as a colt to the Texas Republic by settlers Middleton Perry and Jones Greene. On....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Union Station

By the early 1900s, Dallas needed a single rail terminal for the numerous railroads serving the city. In 1912 seven rail lines formed the Union Terminal Co. They hired Chicago architect Jarvis Hunt, who designed this neo-classical building with an elegant grand hall on the second floor. The facility....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Gano, Richard M.

Organized Tarrant County Grapevine Volunteers known as Gano's Squadron. Entered 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, C.S.A. in Tennessee. In Morgan's 1st and 2nd Kentucky raids. Made Colonel in command of 7th Kentucky Cavalry. Fought in Tullahoma, Tenn. Campaign 1863. Brigadier General of Gano's Brigade of Texas F....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Spring Hill

Oldest community in Navarro County. The springs at this site supplied water to Indians for centuries before white settlers arrived. In 1838 Dr. George Washington Hill (1814-60) built a trading post near the springs, and in October of that year a skirmish between a surveying party and Kickapoo Indian....

Historical Marker - Dawson.

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