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Chapman Ranch

In January 1919, Philip Alexander Chapman (1847-1924) purchased 34,631 acres of the Laureles division of the King Ranch for development as farm lands similar to others he owned in east Texas and Oklahoma. He sent his son, J.O. Chapman (1883-1953), to supervise operations. Arriving in Sept. 1919, J.O....

Historical Marker - Corpus Christi.


One of the most influential American political groups of the twentieth century, the League of United Latin American Citizens was founded in Corpus Christi. The formation of LULAC resulted from the merger of three groups: the Order of Sons of America (Corpus Christi); the Knights of America (San Anto....

Historical Marker - Corpus Christi.

Ward Island

Originally called Island 'A', this 258 acre peninsula was later named for land developer John C. Ward who obtained the island in 1892. Plans to develop the island into an exclusive resort community were crushed by a depression in 1893, but Ward Island became a popular hunting and fishing site. W.E. ....

Historical Marker - Corpus Christi.

Corsicana Field, Air Activities of Texas

Prior to the United States entry into World War II, the U.S. Government contracted with a number of civilian flying schools to assist in training military pilots for the Army Air Corps. In December 1940 the Air Activities of Texas, Corsicana Field, was authorized to provide primary flight training, ....

Historical Marker - Corsicana.

Jester-Butler House

An excellent and elegant example of colonial revival design by an architect well-trained in detail and proportions, the home of rancher and banker Charles Jester and his wife Marion was completed in 1920. It was designed by Birch D. Easterwood (1885-1969), who was a favorite architect for major buil....

Historical Marker - Corsicana.

Corsicana State Home

Created by the 20th Legislature in 1887, the State Orphan Asylum originally provided care for orphans under age 14. State officials located the institution in Corsicana after local citizens donated over 200 acres at this site. The first students arrived in 1889, and by 1890 enrollment totaled 54. Cl....

Historical Marker - Corsicana.

Cost School, Site of

In the 1890s, children of families living in the Cost community, originally known as Oso, attended area schools that were part of the White School District No. 38 and the County School District No. 38-1/2 to the east. By 1903, the county built the Cost Community School, although some students attend....

Historical Marker - Cost.

Cordona Lake, Juan

A natural salt deposit, known and used for the past 300 years. On land grant from Mexico to Juan Cordova; name, misread on maps, is now unique to lake. Apaches were encountered here by explorers in 1683. From days of early settlers, Mexicans and Anglo-Texans relied on this salt deposit. During the c....

Historical Marker - Crane.

Sunshine Special's Ellsmere

One of most elegant private cars in the world when it was built in 1914 for the personal use of Dr. W.S. Webb, president of Wagner Palace Car Company. When New York Central's "20th Century Limited" express broke New York-Chicago rail passenger speed record in 1932, this was that train's rear car. Ow....

Historical Marker - Cresson.

Harmon, Leonard Roy

Born in Cuero, Leonard Roy Harmon enlisted in the U.S. Navy in Houston in June 1939. After training in Norfolk, Virginia, he reported for duty on the cruiser "U.S.S. San Francisco" and advanced to mess attendant first class. During the World War II Battle of Guadalcanal, on November 12, 1942, a Japa....

Historical Marker - Cuero.

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