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Ayers, Claude Monroe

Claude Monroe Ayers (1854-1915). Locomotive engineer piloting the first Fort Worth & Denver passenger train to reach here, 1887. Town was given his name. Recorded - 1971.....

Historical Marker - Claude.

Claude, Town of

Founded when Fort Worth & Denver Railroad built into area (1887). Claude Ayers, engineer on first passenger train through here, suggested town be named for him -- and citizens agreed. Jerry Cavanaugh, first resident, gave land for town. Post office was granted in 1888, with E.H. Trice, postmaster. C....

Historical Marker - Claude.

Millican, C.S.A.

Millican was Texas' northernmost railroad terminus when the war between the states began in 1861. It became a vital Confederate shipping point for the area extending to the Red River on the north and to be frontier settlements in the west. The products of that region moved over the rails of the Hous....

Historical Marker - College Station Vicinity.


A post office with the name Bransford opened in this vicinity in the late 19th century. In 1889 the post office was moved to Red Rock on the route of the St. Louis, Arkansas, and Texas Railroad. Named for pioneer Felix Grundy Bransford (1828-1898), the post office name eventually replaced the name o....

Historical Marker - Colleyville.

McMurry, Y. D. (Fed. 9, 1858-April 12, 1923)

Born in Tennessee. Brought up in Fort Worth. In 1882 joined Co. B, Frontier Battalion, Texas Rangers, under a Brother, Capt. Sam McMurry--then enforcing law in Colorado City area. Y.D. McMurry, Mitchell County Sheriff 1892-1898, was one of captors of notorious murderer and train robber Bill Cooke. M....

Historical Marker - Colorado City.

Texas & Pacific Railway Depot, Site of

Rail service to Colorado City began on April 16, 1881, when a Texas & Pacific supply train arrived with materials for the construction of a freight and passenger depot in the town. Completed the following month at the foot of Oak Street, it was similar in style and size to A T & P Station in Fort Wo....

Historical Marker - Colorado City.

Texas & Pacific Railway

Railroad made this "Cattle Capital of West Texas" in 1880s. Cattlemen Frank Byler, Clay Mann, Winfield Scott, C.C. Slaughter and others brought herds here early as 1877, when last of the buffalo were being exterminated. A Texas Ranger unit was stationed in area to guard against straggling Indians. A....

Historical Marker - Colorado City.

Glenn, George

"George Glenn George Glenn, son of Wash Glenn, was born into slavery in March 1850 and raised on the ranch of local cattleman Robert B. ""Bob"" Johnson. He was trained in ranching activities and as a trail cook. Following Emancipation, Glenn chose to stay on the Johnson Ranch as a cowhand. In the sp....

Historical Marker - Columbus.


Born as War clouds gathered. Alleyton was a key point on the supply line of the Confederate States of American during the Civil War. It was both beginning and end of the cotton road leading to the Confederacy's back door on the Rio Grande River. By 1860 the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railroa....

Historical Marker - Columbus.

Stafford Opera House

Built 1886 by R. E. Stafford, 1834-1890, millionaire cattleman. Stately interior (which seated 1,000) had gas-burning chandeliers and an elaborate hand-painted curtain. Architect was N. J. Clayton, who designed many opulent Texas buildings. Opening performance, "As in a Looking Glass," starred famou....

Historical Marker - Columbus.

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