Uncovered Texas

Texas Revolution

I.O.O.F. Cemetery

Denton Lodge No. 82 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) was chartered in 1859 by a number of the area's most prominent settlers, including John S. Chisum of the Chisum Trail fame. That year I.O.O.F. charter member and Denton merchant James M. Smoot (1822-1862) donated land here for gr....

Historical Marker - Denton.

Camp Ben McCulloch No. 946

Hays County Confederate veterans and their families gathered for a reunion in the summer of 1896 and formally organized the Camp Ben McCulloch Chapter of the United Confederate Veterans. The gathering took place near this site at the Martin Spring and campsite on Onion Creek. The reunion grounds wer....

Historical Marker - Driftwood.

Maverick County

Created Feb. 2, 1856, from Kinney county. Organized July 13, 1871. Named for Texas Revolution veteran, signer of declaration of Independence, Texas Legislator Samuel A. Maverick (1803-1870). The county centers in an area of dairies, farming, ranching. Hard-travelled El Camino Real (path into Texas H....

Historical Marker - Eagle Pass.

Bell's Landing

Founded 1823 as Brazos River landing for Josiah H. Bell's plantation. Townsite of Marion laid out in 1824. Later named East Columbia. Army enlistment point and ferrying dock during Texas Revolution. Key river port and trade center during Republic of Texas days. (1965)....

Historical Marker - East Columbia.

Blevins Cemetery

Born in the Republic of Texas in 1838, Amanda Ruble Taylor moved to this are in 1855. This cemetery began with her burial on family land in 1875. Her widower, the Rev. Issac Taylor, deeded land for this cemetery to the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, in 1879. The numerous infant grave sites revea....

Historical Marker - Eddy.

Blevins Community and School

The community of Blevins began about 1860, when Texas Revolution veteran Thomas H. Barron and his family settled near Deer Creek. The Rev. Isaac Taylor operated a school for area children from the 1870s until 1885, when Blevins School opened. A public school district, formally organized in 1916, ser....

Historical Marker - Eddy.

Confederates of Jackson County

From 1860 population of 2612 came more than 100 Civil War soldiers, one an infantryman on a crutch: M. K. Simons, a Mexican war amputee, brigade quartermaster, 2nd Texas infantry, C. S. A. Officers included Capt. C. L. Owen, veteran of the Texas Revolution and Mexican war; killed at Shiloh in 1862. ....

Historical Marker - Edna.

Jackson County

Home of the Karankawa Indians granted in part to Stephen F. Austin and to Martin de Leon. Settled 1824-1835 by colonists largely from Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and west of the Lavaca, Mexico. Organized as a municipality December 5, 1835. Named in honor of Andrew Jackson, president of t....

Historical Marker - Edna.

Anglin, Adren

(Feb. 14, 1796 - Jan. 10, 1865) Came to Texas from Kentucky in 1833. Helped build Fort Parker, Limestone County. He became a Texas Ranger, 1835. Furnished food and supplies to Texas Revolutionary army and received a headright in Henderson County. Married Phebe Parker. Recorded, 1968....

Historical Marker - Edom.

Myrtle Cemetery

W.H. Parsons deeded the original ten acres at this site in 1875 for use as a cemetery. The burial ground was named "Myrtle" for a child whose single grave was included in the tract of land. Also buried here is Frederick H. Ranklin (1795-1874), a member of Stephen F. Austin's "Old 300" colony and vet....

Historical Marker - Ennis.

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