Uncovered Texas

Texas Revolution

Reed, William Whitaker

(January 23, 1816 - August 21, 1891) A native of Tennessee, William W. Reed came to Texas with his parents, Michael and Martha Reed, in 1833 and joined Robertson's colony in 1834. His land grant was situated near his parents' land on the south bank of the Little River. The family survived "The Runaw....

Historical Marker - Belton.

Walters' Bluff Ferry

Located at a noted early-day crossing on Sabine River, this pioneer ferry carried settlers traveling north or south into Upshur or Smith counties. It was begun before 1849 by Robt. Walters, a Texas revolutionary veteran, and used until a bridge was built, 1903. Town of Florence was once situated nea....

Historical Marker - Big Sandy.

McCrocklin, Jesse L.

(November 8, 1800-March 22, 1888) Born in Kentucky. Moved to Texas in 1833. In Texas Revolution he fought in Siege of Bexar (1835) and Battle of San Jacinto (1836). In 1842 took part in Somervell Expedition against Mexico. Resided at Washington-on-the Brazos, present Kendall County; finally settled ....

Historical Marker - Blanco.

Inglish Cemetery

(1838-1964) County's oldest. Bailey Inglish donated plot near old Fort Inglish (called Bois d'Arc, later Bonham). Pioneers buried here include 1838 Indian massacre victims Andrew Daugherty, Wm. McCarty; 1836 Fannin County colonizers Bailey Inglish and Daniel Rowlett; and Texas Revolution veterans Ja....

Historical Marker - Bonham.

Dolores Townsite

Only settlement founded in John Charles Beales' ill-fated Rio Grande colony of 1834-1836. Beales (1804-1878) -- empresario of 70,000,000 acres in present Southern and Western Texas and New Mexico -- was Texas' largest known land king. In 1833 he and a partner brought 59 settlers here to colonize a t....

Historical Marker - Brackettville.

McCulloch County

Created Aug. 27, 1856. One of 128 counties formed from Bexar County that extended from the Rio Grande to the Panhandle, and as far west as El Paso. Named for Texas hero, Ben McCulloch, who fought in Texas Revolution, Indian, Mexican and Civil Wars. Indian and frontier hazards made growth slow and 20....

Historical Marker - Brady.

Brazoria Townsite

Established 1828 by John Austin, friend of Stephen F. Austin, "Father of Texas". Site of tavern of Jane Long, widow of Dr. John Long, who had tried in 1819 to free Texas from Spain. Port, social center, market for colony. Burned by enemy during Texas Revolution, was rebuilt. County seat, business ce....

Historical Marker - Brazoria.

Brazoria Bridge

The town of Brazoria began in 1828 as a port and trading center in Stephen F. Austin's colony. Partially burned in 1836 during the Texas Revolution, it rebuilt and served as county seat until 1897. To escape floods and to enjoy a better life, the townspeople moved to "New Town" near the St. Louis, B....

Historical Marker - Brazoria Vicinity.

Owings, Thomas Deye

Thomas Deye Owings was born to John Cockey and Colegate Dye Owings on March 7, 1776 at Cockeysville, a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland. The family had met with success as colonial tobacco planters and as partners in the Bourbon Iron Furnace in Kentucky. In 1795, Thomas left his wife and young son in M....

Historical Marker - Brenham.

La Bahia Road

One of the first overland routes used by European explorers of Texas, La Bahia Road was originally an east-west Indian trail in southeastern Texas and Louisiana. Earlier it may have been an animal trail. Although not as famous, or long, as El Camino Real (the San Antonio Road), La Bahia is probably ....

Historical Marker - Brenham.

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