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Texas Revolution

Manor, Joseph J., Cemetery

Joseph J. Manor Cemetery Joseph J. Manor (1818-1884) came to Texas from Tennessee at age twenty, settling finally in Webberville, where he acquired land and opened a store and cotton gin. He married Caroline Scott (1830-1851) in 1847; both are laid to rest here, as are other early area pioneers. Vet....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Rice, William M.

William M. Rice first came to Texas in 1834 and settled in what is now Nacogdoches County, where he was involved in frontier defense and served as an Alcalde in the Mexican Government. He served in the Texas Revolution and was wounded in the Battle at San Jacinto. He and his wife, Mariah, later live....

Historical Marker - Azle.

Bailey, James Briton

(1779-1833) Pioneer Texan noted for his courage, integrity, and eccentric behavior. Came to Texas in 1818 with wife and six children. He settled on what came to be "Bailey's Prairie". Joined Stephen F. Austin's colony, 1824. Bailey became a captain in the local militia. Fought in battles preceding 1....

Historical Marker - Bailey's Prairie.

Callahan County

Formed from Bexar Territory, created February 1, 1858; recreated August 21, 1876; organized July 3, 1877. Named in Honor of James H. Callahan, 1812-1856 soldier in the Texas Revolution, captain of the Texas Rangers. County Seat, Callahan City, 1877; Belle Plain, 1877-1883; Baird, since two early mil....

Historical Marker - Baird.

Bandera Cemetery

The Bandera Cemetery has served the town of Bandera since the 1850s. The site's oldest burial dates to 1851, before the town's establishment several years later. Many former community leaders of the area are buried in the cemetery. In addition, there are a number of veterans interred here, some invo....

Historical Marker - Bandera.

Allen, Elisha

(December 16, 1813 - March 6, 1893) A native of Louisiana, Elisha Allen moved with his parents in 1827 to what is now Orange County. When the Texas Revolution began, Allen joined the army and fought at the Siege of Bexar, Dec. 5-6, 1835. He explored the Texas frontier with a survey party in 1838. In....

Historical Marker - Bartlett.

Donohoe Cemetery

Established in the 1860s by pioneer settlers Samuel G. and Helen Leatherman, this cemetery served as the community burial ground for citizens of Donohoe. The earliest documented grave here is that of the Leathermans' infant grandson, who died in 1869. Other interments include those of an unidentifie....

Historical Marker - Bartlett Vicinity.

Chambers, Margaret, Home

This Greek Revival residence was built in 1853 for Bartholomew Manlove (b. 1776), who was elected the first mayor of Bastrop two years later. In 1857, the property was sold to Margaret Chambers (d. 1897). Formerly married to Josiah Wilbarger (d. 1844), the well-known survivor of an 1833 Indian attac....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.

Bastrop, Early History of the City of

Long before white men arrived, this region was inhabited by Tonkawa and Comanche Indians. In 1691 the first Spanish explorers crossed this territory en route to east Texas. From their route, parts of "El Camino Real" (the King's Highway) were blazed, thus placing Bastrop on a major early travel arte....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.

Wood House, John Howland and Nancy Clark Wood

John Howland Wood (1816-1904) was born in Dutchess County, New York. Trained in the mercantile trade and apprenticed to a painter, Wood enlisted in the New York Battalion to aid the Texas revolution. He arrived in Texas in 1836 in time to participate in the Battle of San Jacinto and several other ma....

Historical Marker - Bayside.

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