Uncovered Texas

Texas Revolution

Houston Academy, Site of Old

Founded 1856. Lost most of its male students to Confederate army in Civil War. In 1864-1865 building was used as an army hospital. Was site in 1867 for the lying-in-state of body of General Albert Sidney Johnston, who had lived near Houston. (A secretary of war, Republic of Texas; veteran of Black H....

Historical Marker - Houston.

Sons of the Republic of Texas

On April 10, 1893, under the guidance of Francis Marion Otis Fenn, a local lodge was organized in Richmond for the benefit of male descendants of Texas Revolution veterans. The Richmond group traveled to Houston a few days later, and on April 20, 1893, a statewide organization called the Sons of the....

Historical Marker - Houston.

Daughters of the Republic of Texas

On November 6, 1891, seventeen women met at the home of Mrs. Andrew Briscoe at this site to organize an auxiliary to the Texas Veterans Association. Mrs. Anson Jones was elected president of the new organization, Daughters of the Lone Star Republic. Goals set for the group included preserving the me....

Historical Marker - Houston.

Allen, Augustus Chapman

Augustus Chapman Allen was born to Roland and Sarah (Chapman) Allen in Canaseraga, New York on July 4, 1806. He graduated from the Polytechnic Institute at Chittenango, New York, where he taught mathematics until 1827. That year, he became a bookkeeper for the H. and H. Canfield Company, in which he....

Historical Marker - Houston.

Kendall, Belle Sherman

The daughter of Texas revolutionary war general Sidney Sherman and Catherine Isabell (Cox), Belle Sherman (1847-1919) was born in Harrisburg and married William E. Kendall in 1867. After making Houston her home in 1878, Belle S. Kendall became a noted civic leader. She was a founding member of the D....

Historical Marker - Houston.

Salem Cemetery

The first interment here was in 1870, but that grave was later moved. Oldest graves now are those of twin infants E. and P. J. Sheet, who died Feb. 9, 1871, and Synthia Green, who died August 9, 1871. R. M. and W. J. Graham and F. M. Reed gave the land to the Methodist Episcopal Church South in 1876....

Historical Marker - Irene.

Jack County

Created 1856. Organized 1857. Named for W. H. and P. C. Jack, brothers and patriots in the Texas Revolution. Butterfield Overland Mail, 1858-1861, had 3 stage stops in county. In 1861, Jack County voted against secession, 76-14. Most men fought in frontier units. Some were Confederates; others joine....

Historical Marker - Jacksboro.

Ebenezer Cemetery

Begun in 1860 as a family graveyard, the earliest burial in this cemetery is that of Martin H. Dean, infant son of William P. M. and Mary Ann Dean. Land for the cemetery and Ebenezer Methodist Church was given by the Deans to the community in 1861. Among those interred here, in marked and unmarked g....

Historical Marker - Jasper.

Jasper County Courthouse

Jasper County was one of the original twenty-three counties created when the Republic of Texas was established in 1836 following the Texas Revolution. Bevil settlement, established by pioneer John Bevil about 1824, became the seat of government and was renamed Jasper in 1835 in honor of American Rev....

Historical Marker - Jasper.

Homer Community Cemetery

Settlement of this area of Jasper County began in the 1830s. This cemetery, which served citizens in the Homer community, dates to 1865. The oldest documented grave is that of Jane Wilson Williams (1823-1865), one of ten citizens of the Republic of Texas known to be buried here. Also interred here a....

Historical Marker - Jasper.

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