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Texas Revolution

Andrews Chapel Cemetery

Associated with the Hackberry community, the Andrews Chapel Cemetery was named for settler A.G. Andrews, who by 1866 had donated land for a burial ground and Baptist church. The oldest marked grave dates to 1860 and the burial of Mexican War veteran Alfred Morrow. Other burials include that of Josep....

Historical Marker - Hallettsville.

Smothers, William

(1760-1837) A Veteran of the Texas Revolution. A native of Virginia, William Smothers was orphaned at 12 when Indians killed his father, and his mother died of shock. In the American Revolution, he fought at King's Mountain, Guilford Courthouse, Camden, and Eutaw Springs. He moved to Kentucky in 178....

Historical Marker - Hallettsville.

Abshier Cemetery

The families of Benjamin and Hannah (Weed) Abshier and Benjamin and Sarah (Hanks) Weed came to this area of Texas from Louisiana in 1843. The extended families purchased land and established farms in this vicinity. In June 1852 the Abshiers' 27-year-old daughter, Lucinda Abshier Higginbotham, died, ....

Historical Marker - Hankamer.

Harwood Cemetery

The town of Harwood was founded in 1875 as a stop on the Galveston, Harrisburg, and San Antonio Railroad. Land was designated for a cemetery when town lots were platted. The oldest marked grave is that of I. M. Shelton, a Civil War veteran who died April 14, 1877. According to local tradition, Shelt....

Historical Marker - Harwood.

Low, Isaac

A veteran of the War of 1812, Isaac Low (1781-1853) migrated to this area from Tennessee in 1828. During the Texas Revolution he operated a nearby ferry across the Sabine River to aid settlers fleeing from the advancing Mexican army. He later served as a commissioner for Sabine County. His son Jesse....

Historical Marker - Hemphill.

Springhill Cemetery

The first person known to have been interred here was William Isaac Pace in 1837. The Pace home was located on this site, and according to local history the family established a Methodist church and a school, significantly contributing to the development of the Springhill community for which the cem....

Historical Marker - Hemphill.

Deaf Smith County

Formed from Young and Bexar territories: Created, August 21, 1876 - Organized, October 3, 1890. Named in honor of Erastus "Deaf" Smith, 1787-1837, came to Texas in 1821 rendered valuable service as a scout and spy during the Texas Revolution and was conspicuous for his bravery in the battle of San J....

Historical Marker - Hereford.

Cronea, Charles

(January 14, 1805 - March 4, 1893) Born in Marseilles, France, Charles Cronea came to America on a French frigate as a cabin boy in 1818. Soon after, boarding a ship out of Charleston, South Carolina, Cronea and several companions entered the service of Jean Laffite off Galveston engaged in privatee....

Historical Marker - High Island.

White Cemetery

Reuben White (1795-1848), one of Stephen F. Austin's original "Old 300" colonists, acquired a Mexican land grant here in 1824. White was part of a large extended family which settled this area, later known as White Settlement. Although White's is the earliest recorded burial here, older grave sites ....

Historical Marker - Highlands.

Arroyo Hondo, Battle of

In 1842 the Mexican Army launched three invasions into Texas to reclaim territory lost during the Texas Revolution. Col. Rafael Vasquez's Army briefly occupied San Antonio in March, and in July Texans fought with Col. Antonio Canales' forces near San Patricio. When Gen. Adrian Woll's Mexican forces ....

Historical Marker - Hondo.

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