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Texas Revolution

Duncan Ferry

Started about 1834 by Benj. Duncan (1793-1866), a Scotchman. According to tradition, Mrs. Almaron Dickinson stopped first at Duncan's home on her way to tell people of Gonzales of fall of the Alamo. She was one of few survivors of this bloody battle of Texas Revolution, in which many Gonzales men di....

Historical Marker - Gonzales.

Ponton, Andrew

Born in Virginia to William and Isabella (Mooreland) Ponton, Andrew Ponton came to Texas in December 1829 and settled in Green DeWitt's Colony, receiving a land grant near Hallettsville. He became active in area politics, and in 1834 he was named alcalde, or mayor, of the municipality of Gonzales. T....

Historical Marker - Gonzales.

Tinsley, Dr. John Turner

John Turner Tinsley was born circa 1809 in Sumner County, Tennessee to Moses and Elizabeth (Turner) Tinsley. He later became a physician and married Nancy Willis of Kentucky, with whom he had five children. The family came to Gonzales in 1834 and settled east of Water Street. Tinsley served the comm....

Historical Marker - Gonzales.

Plaza - Texas Heroes Square

Gonzales town tract of 4 square leagues had 49 squares in inner city -- 7 of these squares for public use. This one was for municipal building, but became plaza. Now called Texas Heroes Square, in honor of all Gonzales men who fought in the Texas Revolution.....

Historical Marker - Gonzales.

Masonic Cemetery

Masonic Cemetery The Gonzales Masonic Lodge No. 30 A.F. & A.M., chartered January 1847, purchased 11 acres here for use as a cemetery in 1849, adding to the property in 1903. Two graves, those of Calligula Walker (d. 1846) and Allen Walker (d. 1848), predate the lodge's ownership of the site. Since ....

Historical Marker - Gonzales.

Battle of Gonzales

The first battle of the Texas Revolution, fought on the west side of the Guadalupe River about four miles above Gonzales on October 2, 1835, came to be known as the Lexington of Texas. The incident grew out of Col. Domingo de Ugartechea's demand late in September for a cannon given to the settlement....

Historical Marker - Gonzales.

Faulkenberry Cemetery

David Faulkenberry, believed to have been born in South Carolina circa 1795, wed Nancy Douthit in 1814 in Tennessee. The couple had seven children. The family was part of Daniel Parker's Pilgrim Church, an Illinois congregation that came to Texas in 1833. The Faulkenberrys and others from the church....

Historical Marker - Groesbeck.

Ferguson Cemetery

Joseph and Hannah (Penrod) Ferguson moved to this area in the 1830s, years before the formation of Limestone County following Texas statehood. Their property, known as Ferguson Prairie, stretched from sough of the early Box Church community to beyond, and including, present-day Oletha. Records indic....

Historical Marker - Groesbeck.

Texas Army

In Texas Revolution, Gen. Sam Houston and his Texas Army crossed Rocky Creek near this spot, March 15, 1836, retreating eastward from town of Gonzales. Their victory 5 weeks later over Santa Anna's Mexican Army, in Battle of San Jacinto, brought freedom to Texas, April 21.....

Historical Marker - Hallettsville.

Kent, Andrew

Andrew Kent was born c. 1791 in Kentucky, to Isaac Kent; his mother's name is unknown. On April 30, 1816, he wed Elizabeth Zumwalt, a Missouri native born in April 1798. Andrew worked as a carpenter, and he and Elizabeth had 10 children. While living in Missouri, they met Green DeWitt. In 1825, DeWi....

Historical Marker - Hallettsville.

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