Uncovered Texas

Texas Ranger

Long, Captain Ira

Dedicated and courageous. Born in Indiana; reared in Missouri. Wounded twice in Confederate service during the Civil War. On reorganization of Texas Rangers, 1874, was commissioned first lieutenant; promoted 1875 to captain, Company A, official escort of Major John B. Jones, Commander of Ranger Forc....

Historical Marker - Decatur.

James, Jesse and Frank, Old Campsite of

Famous western frontier outlaws, who had many Texas hideouts along a line from the Rio Grande to the Red River. The camps - extending into Missouri, their home state - were used for hiding stolen horses until posses could be thrown off the trail. The campsites were sometimes known to scattered settl....

Historical Marker - Decatur.

Flat Rock Cemetery

Settled in 1850s by Moses Ball and other pioneers. Tradition says first burial here was an Indian; the second, a small girl who died while her family was migrating through the area. Oldest tombstones are dated 1878. There are many unmarked graves. Community, named for some flat stones that formed a ....

Historical Marker - Decatur.

Bean, Roy C. S. A.

Born in Kentucky. A trader in Mexico, 1848. Mining in New Mexico when Civil War broke out. As spy and scout, joined Texans in the Command of Gen. John R. Baylor during the 1861-1862 Arizona-New Mexico Campaign. Organized irregular company called "Free Rovers". In a narrow canyon, took part in captur....

Historical Marker - Del Rio.

Glenn-Dowe House

Local contractor Daniel Glenn built this residence in 1900-01, incorporating a band of decorative brickwork in the design. He sold the property in 1901 to Bessie Chisum, a widow who married Luke Dowe in 1906. Dowe had a long career as a peace officer on the Texas-Mexican border, serving first with t....

Historical Marker - Del Rio.

Fort Blair, C.S.A.

A few miles to the southwest. Largest far western "family fort" used throughout Civil War. Started by C.C. Blair, 1857 settler. 1861-1865 occupants were Wm. Arthur, Blair, J.M. Ellison; Jasper, Jim and Tom Gilbert; W.C. McGough, W.H. Mansker and sometimes others. The fort had 12 log cabins, 14 ft. s....

Historical Marker - Desdemona.

Shoot-out on Jones Street

At an 1891 meeting to discuss the selection of a Castro County seat, words were exchanged between Ira Aten, a retired Texas Ranger speaking on behalf of Castro City, and Andrew McClelland, a spokesman for Dimmitt. The inflammatory remarks led to a gunfight between the two men on December 23, five da....

Historical Marker - Dimmitt.

Rogers, Joseph B.

The son of settlers who came to Texas in 1831, Joseph B. Rogers (1833-1912) served with Terry's Texas Rangers in the Civil War. In 1869 he bought this land and in early 1870s hired local workmen to build this native limestone house. Like many pioneer homes, it had a central hall and a chimney at eac....

Historical Marker - Driftwood.

Maverick County Courthouse

A landmark of the Texas-Mexico border area. Built 1884-85, during term of county Judge Thomas Lamb, on site chosen by citizens' committee, who donated $800 toward purchase of land from R.E. Moffit. Architects: Wahrenberger and Beckman, San Antonio. Contractor: A local builder, William Hausser (1847-....

Historical Marker - Eagle Pass.

Hargus Farm

North Carolina native Larry Hargus (1810-87) and his wife Mary (Corder) (1824-1910) came to Eastland County in 1879. In 1881 they bought the original tract of their farm at this site from C.U. Connellee, a founder of Eastland. Members of the Hargus family were active in the development of a local Me....

Historical Marker - Eastland Vicinity.

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