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Texas Ranger

Glenn, George

"George Glenn George Glenn, son of Wash Glenn, was born into slavery in March 1850 and raised on the ranch of local cattleman Robert B. ""Bob"" Johnson. He was trained in ranching activities and as a trail cook. Following Emancipation, Glenn chose to stay on the Johnson Ranch as a cowhand. In the sp....

Historical Marker - Columbus.

Rangers of Austin's Colony, The

By March 1822, Stephen F. Austin had attracted about 150 colonists to Texas. The pioneers faced many hardships, including concern for their protection form Indians along the Colorado and Brazos rivers. In December of that year, Trespalacios, the Mexican governor, divided the colony into two district....

Historical Marker - Columbus.

Comanche Chief, The

Army engineers laid out a military road in this area in 1850. By 1855 thirty to forty families had settled in the vicinity. Comanche County was created in 1856, and Comanche became the second county seat in 1859. Its citizens, who entertained dreams of greatness for their town, envisioned a newspape....

Historical Marker - Comanche.

Cunningham, James

Born in Alabama, settled in Comanche County, 1855. Commander of Texas Ranger Company stationed in Comanche County, 1858. Helped bring law and order to county--drove out renegades and wild Indians. Cunningham commanded men from Comanche County in Dove Creek Battle, Jan. 8, 1864 (500 white men against....

Historical Marker - Comanche Vicinity.

Gill Farm, Site of Old

Settled 1874 by W. A. Gill (1843-1889), son of W. S. Gill, hero of Battle of San Jacinto. W. A. fought in Civil War and was a Captain in the Texas Rangers. His sons E. V. and Fleet lived here for many years. Remains in this family plot were moved in 1964 to Buffalo Cemetery (1mile N). (1968)....

Historical Marker - Comanche Vicinity.

Jackson, Josiah Hart

(1821-1892) Born in Kentucky. Came to Texas 1839. In 1850s opened Jackson's store, 1 mi. NE of here, starting "Cow Hill," a village with race track, blacksmith shop, other stores. He became postmaster and renamed place Ashland, 1873.. But moved post office here to Commerce, at city's birth. Married ....

Historical Marker - Commerce.

Rattan, Littleton

A native of Illinois and a veteran of the 1832 Black Hawk War, Littleton Rattan (b. 1809) came to Texas with family members in 1839. He established a farm at this site in Delta County and also served as a Texas Ranger in three area militia companies in the Republic of Texas era. Later, during the Me....

Historical Marker - Cooper.

Parker, Thomas S.

Born in Philadelphia in 1817, Thomas S. Parker came to Texas at the age of twenty. In 1839 he and his parents William W. and Hannah Parker were awarded large land grants in the vicinity of present-day Corpus Christi; they used the land to raise cattle. About 1845 Parker joined forces with his friend....

Historical Marker - Corpus Christi.

Nuecestown Raid

During the reconstruction era in Texas, tensions mounted between Anglo settlers and Mexicans in the Nueces River area. On March 26, 1875, a band of raiders attacked a farm near Nuecestown, stealing livestock and taking some of the settlers prisoner. Forcing their captives to March on foot, they proc....

Historical Marker - Corpus Christi.

Smith, Thomas Ingles

(1800-1848) Thomas Ingles Smith was born in 1800 in Virginia and was a soldier in the War of 1812 in a company commanded by his father, General Bird B. Smith. Smith arrived in Texas late in 1836, and soon enlisted in the Republic of Texas army under Gen Felix Huston. He was wounded in the Battle of ....

Historical Marker - Corsicana.

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