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Texas Ranger

De Montel, Charles, Ranch Home of

Frontiersman, soldier, and engineer, came from Europe to Texas, 1838. Helped found Castroville and organize Medina County. Served as county judge; Texas Ranger Captain; and Navy Commander in Civil War (1861-65). Also a confounder of Bandera. Wed Justine Pingenot in 1847. Built home 1848-50. (1971)....

Historical Marker - Castroville.

Woolls Building

One of Center Point's oldest existing commercial structures, the Woolls Building was constructed in 1873-75 to house the mercantile business of George W. Woolls (d. 1876). Local contractor and stonemason Sam H. Wellborn built it of limestone with a full-width balcony and exterior staircase. For most....

Historical Marker - Center Point.

Center Point Cemetery

The earliest known settlers in this area were Mrs. Elizabeth Denton and her children and slaves, who arrived in 1852. They were joined in 1858 by the family of Dr. Charles Ganahl, who named the new community Zanzenberg, after his hometown in Austria. The town became known as Center Point in 1872, an....

Historical Marker - Center Point.

Johnson, Middleton T., Colonel; General Patrick R. Cleburne

County named for Texas Confederate-- Colonel Middleton T. Johnson, 1810-1866 South Carolinian; Legislator Alabama came to Texas 1840. Member Republic of Texas Congress. Cavalryman in U.S. War with Mexico. Texas Ranger surveyor of early railroads. As colonel raised 14th Texas Cavalry regiment, taking....

Historical Marker - Cleburne.

Johnson County

Named for Middleton T. Johnson (1810-1866), native of South Carolina, for 7 terms an Alabama legislator, a leading Texan after 1840. Served in 9th Texas Legislature; in Texas Rangers, Mexican War, Civil War. County created and organized 1854, from land earlier in counties of Ellis, Hill and Navarro.....

Historical Marker - Cleburne.

McCord, Colonel James E.

1834-1914 South Carolinian. Came to Texas 1853. Surveyor of lands in this region, including the site of Camp Colorado. Texas Ranger. Prominent secessionist. Member Texas State troops at start of Civil War. Lt. Colonel of Texas Frontier Regiment established 1862. Morale was low among these rugged fro....

Historical Marker - Coleman.

Green, William Marion

An orphan at age 7, Green learned self-reliance early. At 19, he joined the Texas Rangers. And at 20, he enlisted in Co. A of the Frontier Battalion. In 1874, his company helped capture members of John Wesley Hardin's gang who were raiding Comanche County; Green helped escort 7 of the outlaws to jai....

Historical Marker - Colorado City.

McMurry, Y. D. (Fed. 9, 1858-April 12, 1923)

Born in Tennessee. Brought up in Fort Worth. In 1882 joined Co. B, Frontier Battalion, Texas Rangers, under a Brother, Capt. Sam McMurry--then enforcing law in Colorado City area. Y.D. McMurry, Mitchell County Sheriff 1892-1898, was one of captors of notorious murderer and train robber Bill Cooke. M....

Historical Marker - Colorado City.

Colorado City, Founding of, The

Founded, 1880, at the crossing of the Colorado River and Texas & Pacific Railroad right-of-way; central shipping point and supply depot for the sprawling cattle ranches of West Texas and New Mexico. From 1880 (when A.W. Dunn opened his dirt-floor, tent-roof general store) to 1890 the boisterous catt....

Historical Marker - Colorado City.

Texas & Pacific Railway

Railroad made this "Cattle Capital of West Texas" in 1880s. Cattlemen Frank Byler, Clay Mann, Winfield Scott, C.C. Slaughter and others brought herds here early as 1877, when last of the buffalo were being exterminated. A Texas Ranger unit was stationed in area to guard against straggling Indians. A....

Historical Marker - Colorado City.

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