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Texas Ranger

Kendall County Courthouse

First and only courthouse in county. Erected 1869-1870, seven years after county organization. Many locally prominent men were associated with the structure. The first county judge, Joseph Graham, was appointed U.S. Consul to Argentina. The first sheriff, Capt. John Sansom, was a member of the U.S. ....

Historical Marker - Boerne.

Allred, Governor James V., Home County of

Vigorous, forthright and humane Chief Executive of Texas in years 1935-1939. Born in Bowie, one of nine children of Renne and Mary Henson Allred worked in youth as a soda pop bottler, shoeshine boy, newsboy. Attended local schools, Rice University, Cumberland Law School; was in U.S. Navy during Worl....

Historical Marker - Bowie.

Fort Clark

A strategic installation in the U.S. Army's line of forts along the military road stretching from San Antonio to El Paso, Fort Clark was established in June 1852. Located near natural springs and Las Moras Creek, its site was considered a point of primary importance to the defense of frontier settle....

Historical Marker - Brackettville.

Washington County, C.S.A.

Most populous county in state during Civil War. Center for production, warehousing, transportation, communications. Had large quartermaster depot. Its wartime factories made spinning jennies, lumber, pots, kettles, wagons, army ambulances. Government cotton was held in Brenham, one of 4 state depots....

Historical Marker - Brenham.

Terry County

Formed from Young and Bexar territories; created August 21, 1876, organized June 28, 1904. Named in honor of Colonel Benjamin Franklin Terry 1821-1861. Leader of the famous Terry's Texas Rangers. Brownfield, the county seat primarily a farming area.....

Historical Marker - Brownfield.

Sawyer, M. B., Ranch House

Home of Monroe Brown Sawyer and wife Rebecca (Skeen); built 1902. One of earliest homes in Terry County, it predated town of Brownfield. Building material for original five rooms was hauled from Colorado City and Big Spring by wagon. House has been remodeled extensively. In 1881 and 1882 M. B. Sawye....

Historical Marker - Brownfield.

Terry, Col. B. F., & Terry's Texas Rangers

Native of Kentucky. Came to Texas 1831. Member Secession Convention. Commanded reinforcements of state troops sent to Rio Grande for the capture of Federal arms, property at Fort Brown. Went to Virginia hoping to be in first battle of war. Cited for valuable volunteer service in first Battle of Mana....

Historical Marker - Brownfield.

Esparza Cemetery

This graveyard was named for Carlos Villarreal Esparza (1828-1885), whose family's occupation of the surrounding ranch land began in the early 19th century. According to family records, the original Esparza Cemetery was established south of this site in the mid-1800s. In 1888, Carlos' widow Francisc....

Historical Marker - Brownsville.

Adams-Shaw House

This house was erected about 1876 for George H. Adams (1842-1920), a rancher and former Texas Ranger, whose cattle brand was carved into the front step. English-born stonemason William Frederick Morton (1851-1926) built it of sandstone quarried in nearby Willis Creek. The structure was purchased in ....

Historical Marker - Brownwood.

Connell Cemetery

William Connell came to Texas with his family in 1834. He later served in the Republic of Texas Army, the Texas Rangers, and the Confederate Army. Connell Cemetery, believed to be one of the oldest in Brown County, was probably in use before 1861. When William and Loumisa Wills Connell buried their ....

Historical Marker - Brownwood Vicinity.

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