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Texas Ranger

Dixie Settlement

Named for Camp Dixie, a Texas Ranger post near Military Road to Fort Inge (42 miles southeast). First civilian settler was Jerusha Sanchez, midwife for Nueces Canyon area, widowed by Indians in the 1870s. Next came Elizabeth Hill, whose eldest son Jim was a military scout. Lewis Barksdale, a veteran....

Historical Marker - Barksdale.

Sayers, Confederate Major Joseph, D., Home Town of

Born Mississippi, came to Texas 1851. Enlisted here as private 1861. Adjutant 5th Texas Cavalry in Arizona-New Mexico Campaign to make Confederacy an ocean to ocean nation. At age 20 made captain for gallantry in Battle of Valverde. Organized Valverde Battery from cannons captured there. Commanded b....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.

Jenkins Home, Old

Built about 1836 for Sarah Jenkins, whose first husband was scalped by Indians, her second killed at the Alamo. Home to 7 generations. Its men were at Battle of San Jacinto, the Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World Wars I and II, and in the Texas Rangers. Recorded Texas Historic Landm....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.

Wallace - Holme House

Built about 1840 during the ownership of Dr. L. B. Harris, this house evolved over the years to meet the needs of its owners. It had assumed its basic appearance by 1887, and the wraparound porch with jigsawn trim was constructed about 1900. Owners and residents of the house have included Harriet an....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.

Burger Home

Richard Burger imigrated from Germany about 1859 and served during the Civil War in Terry's Texas Rangers. He returned to Bastrop and bought this newly built (1868-69) Greek Revival home from Sallie and W. C. Powell. Burger married Clara Linke and had two children, Mina and August. Clara was skilled....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.

Fort Griffin

Site of a picket fort on Little River commonly called Fort Griffin; also known as Fort Smith and Little River Fort. Erected by Geo. B. Erath and 20 Texas Rangers in November, 1836 as a protection against Indians. Abandoned as a military post before the Santa Fe Expedition camped here, June 24-29, 18....

Historical Marker - Belton Vicinity.

Ashby-Wilson Creek Community

"Ashby-Wilson Creek Community William Erastus Moore, a New Jersey native, settled in Indianola in the 1850s. After serving with Terry's Texas Rangers in the Civil War, he returned to settle on land northeast of Blessing and named the surrounding agricultural community in honor of Col. Henry M. Ashby....

Historical Marker - Blessing.

Smith, George Washington

(1796?-1876?) Born in Wilson county, Tennessee, George Washington Smith came to Texas in 1834 with his wife Elizabeth Briggs. He fought in the Texas War for Independence (1835-36) as a private in Capt. Clendennin's Company, 1st regiment artillery. In the Mexican War (1846-48), he served as a sergean....

Historical Marker - Blue Ridge.

Bailey, Gus

Leader, Hood's Texas Brigade Band. His wife Mollie smuggled notes and quinine past enemy in her hair. Baileys' postwar shows still flew Confederate flag. 1869 and afterwards, Gus and Mollie and nine children headquartered circus in Blum. Owned show lots in 100 towns of Texas. Ex-Confederates saw the....

Historical Marker - Blum.

Potter, Andrew Jackson

(1830 - 1895) Born in Missouri. Orphaned at age 10, was a jockey, gambler, ruffian. Fought in Mexican War, 1846-47. Was a Texas Ranger later. Converted in a camp meeting, he learned to write and became a Methodist minister. Served 4 years in the Confederate Army. Like any chaplain, had pay and ratio....

Historical Marker - Boerne.

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