Uncovered Texas

Texas Ranger

Coryell County

Formed from Bell County; created February 4, 1854--Organized March 4, 1854. Named in Honor of James Coryell, born in Tennesse in 1796; a member of the Bowie Expedition to the old San Saba Silver Mines in 1831; a Texas Ranger; killed by Indians near Fort Milam May 27, 1837. County seat Fort Gates 185....

Historical Marker - Gatesville.

Double File Trail

Laid out about 1828 by Delaware Indians, "The Double File Trail" got its name because two horsemen could ride it side by side. The Delawares carved this trace migrating ahead of expanding white settlements. They moved from what they called "the Redlands" in East Texas to Mexico near present Nuevo La....

Historical Marker - Georgetown.

Jackson Massacre

Settlers Moses and Lydia Jackson set out one morning in October of 1858 with four of their seven children to spend the day with friends. As they neared their destination they encountered a small party of Indians, possibly Comanches. Louis and I. J. Jackson and their parents were killed immediately. ....

Historical Marker - Goldthwaite.

Hanging Tree, The

Site for court sessions at various times from 1846 to 1870. Capital sentences called for by the courts were carried out immediately, by means of a rope and a convenient limb. Hangings not called for by regular courts occurred here during the 1857 "cart war"--a series of attacks made by Texas freight....

Historical Marker - Goliad.

Regulators of Goliad County

When the Civil War ended in April 1865, many Texans returned to find their farms and ranches neglected, their cattle running wild and unbranded. The Federal troops sent to occupy Texas in June 1865 could not control the widespread cattle thieving and general lawlessness of the Reconstruction Period.....

Historical Marker - Goliad.

Ponton, Andrew

Born in Virginia to William and Isabella (Mooreland) Ponton, Andrew Ponton came to Texas in December 1829 and settled in Green DeWitt's Colony, receiving a land grant near Hallettsville. He became active in area politics, and in 1834 he was named alcalde, or mayor, of the municipality of Gonzales. T....

Historical Marker - Gonzales.

Purvis, Capt. Hardy B.

(1891-1961) Born in Livingston. In his 20s, became a local peace officer. Spent years 1927-1933 and 1935-1956 in Texas Ranger service. Noted for coolness during danger in oil boom towns, dock strikes, prison riots, Purvis saw duty at Beaumont, Borger, Longview, Lufkin, and Fort Worth. Was captain of....

Historical Marker - Goodrich.

Holliday, Roscoe D.

(July 24, 1887 - Nov. 14, 1950) Born in Mississippi. Came to Polk County prior to 1910. Served as county's constable and deputy sheriff for 10 years before his election as sheriff in 1920. After 17 years in this office, he was appointed to the Texas Rangers, where he served for 13 years. During long....

Historical Marker - Goodrich.

Lane, Alfred

Called "A splendid brave man" by his brother-in-law, cattleman Charles Goodnight, Tennessee native Alfred Lane moved to Texas with his family in 1836 and settled in Robertson's colony on the Brazos River. He moved to the Black Springs area of Palo Pinto County in 1856, following his marriage to Eliz....

Historical Marker - Graford.

Pickwick-McAdams Cemetery

Tennessee native Capt. William Carroll McAdams (1825-1906) came to Texas in the 1840s, served as a Texas Ranger, and fought in the Mexican war (1846-1848). McAdams and his wife Ann (Alexander) acquired this land in 1854 and began cattle raising. The cemetery opened after the death of Mrs. McAdams. T....

Historical Marker - Graford.

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