Uncovered Texas

Texas Ranger

Brooks County

Formed from Hidalgo, Starr and Zapata counties, created March 11, 1911; organized September 2, 1911. Named in honor of James Abijah Brooks, Captain of Texas Rangers, 1882-1906, member of Texas Legislature, County Judge, Brooks County since 1911; Falfurrias, the County Seat.....

Historical Marker - Falfurrias.

Wright, Capt. Will L., Texas Ranger and Sheriff

(February 10, 1868-March 7, 1942) A fearless, colorful, cultured man whose honesty and diplomacy often prevented bloodshed. An 1890s Wilson County Deputy Sheriff. In Frontier Battalion, Texas Rangers. Sheriff, Wilson County, 1902-1917. At request of Texas Adjutant-General, he organized and commanded....

Historical Marker - Floresville.

Wright, Captain Will

(1868-1942) Founding officer, Co. D, Texas Rangers. Had uncles, brother, sons in Rangers and Border Patrol. Wilson County deputy sheriff, 1896-1900; sheriff, 1902-1917. While in office reared his family in the jailer's quarters. Always was armed. A stern leader, but gentlemanly and kind. (1967)....

Historical Marker - Floresville.

First Rural School West of Pecos River

Built 1881 of adobe brick, by settlers P. H. Pruett, Cal Nations, James Dawson, Joe Dorsey. At the same time Pruett built home a half-mile north. A Texas Rangers' camp in area gave protection from Indians. Mrs. Pruett once made a midnight ride to alert Rangers to approach of Apaches. Pruett sold hom....

Historical Marker - Fort Davis.

Tarrant, General Edward H.

South Carolina native Edward H. Tarrant enlisted in the Kentucky Militia in 1814 and served under Gen. Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans. Moving to Tennessee after 1816, he was elected Colonel of the Henry County Militia and served as County Sheriff. Tarrant arrived in Texas in November 18....

Historical Marker - Fort Worth.

Miller, John and Laura, House

John and Laura Miller built this simple center passage house on this 500-acre site prior to 1870. They had come to Texas from Alabama several years earlier with John's parents, Samuel and Martha Miller, who established a 7,000-acre plantation in the area. John died in 1872, and Laura continued to li....

Historical Marker - Frankston.

Smith, E. Kirby Smith

(1824-1893) Born in Florida. Graduated from West Point. Fought in Mexican War. On the Texas frontier in the 1850s, commanded Camps Belknap, Cooper and Colorado. In 1860 and many years afterwards was a partner of J. M. Hunter of Fredericksburg in a Texas ranch. Resigned from U. S. Army, 1861, to serv....

Historical Marker - Fredericksburg.

Duval, John C.

(1816 - 1897) First Texas man of letters. Wrote history not as a visitor, but a participant, and wrote to entertain and inspire. His "Early times in Texas" tells of days when, by bringing news of the outside world to the lonely settlers, a man could travel from the Sabine to the Rio Grande and spend....

Historical Marker - Freer.

Texas Ranger Camp, A

A Texas Ranger Camp was maintained on this site from about December 1, 1876 to April 1, 1877 by Captain Neal Coldwell's company, the escort of Major John B. Jones, commander of the Frontier Battalion.....

Historical Marker - Frio Town.

Love, James

(1795-1874) A veteran of the War of 1812, James Love, a lawyer, came to Texas in 1837 with his wife Lucy (Ballinger). He helped found Galveston, and was a political ally of Mirabeau b. Lamar. Love served as a delegate to the 1845 Annexation Convention, judge of the district court, and clerk of the U....

Historical Marker - Galveston.

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