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Texas Ranger

Alice Cemetery

This burial ground has served Alice-area residents for more than 100 years, and the story of its genesis and ongoing use involves many individuals in the community’s history. By the late 1880s, Frederic B. Nayer lived in this area, then part of Nueces County. The Collins community had about 2,000 re....

Historical Marker - Alice.

Texas Rangers' Battle of May 29, 1850, Vicinity of

A gallant fight in era after Mexican war, while the Federals and Texans were ridding Nueces to Rio Grande area of marauders. Texas Rangers under Capt. John S. "Rip" Ford surprised a camp of Comanches near this site on May 29, 1850. In numbers, Rangers and Indians were about equal. Seven comanches we....

Historical Marker - Alice.

Curtis House, Alice Victoria Ghormley

Designed by local contractor J. D. Singleton and built for the widow of prominent Texas Ranger and rancher W. R. Curtis, the Alice Victoria Ghormley Curtis House was erected in 1906-1907. Mrs. Curtis (1869-1923) moved to Amarillo after her husband's death in 1901. She raised the youngest of her five....

Historical Marker - Amarillo.

Thompson, General Ernest O.

Acknowledged world leader in petroleum conservation. A third generation Texan. Left college for World War I, earning battlefield promotion to Lieutenant Colonel--youngest in the U.S. Army. In 1930 gained national recognition as crusading Amarillo mayor. Appointed in 1932 to Railroad Commission of Te....

Historical Marker - Amarillo.

Archer County Copper Mines

The civilized world first heard of copper in this area from Texas Rangers after an 1860 campaign against Comanches on the Pease River, about 100 miles to the northwest. The Ranger Captain, Lawrence S. ("Sul") Ross, later to serve Texas as governor, had nuggets picked off the surface of the ground an....

Historical Marker - Archer City.

Arlington, City of

The city of Arlington developed along the juncture of two distinct ecological regions, the Blackland Prairie and the Eastern Cross Timbers. The West Fork of the Trinity River and its area tributaries flow through the city, and one such stream, Village (Caddo) Creek, was the site of a series of Nativ....

Historical Marker - Arlington.

Jones, Major John B.

Famed defender of the frontier. Instilled ideals of excellence into Texas Rangers. Born in South Carolina. Came to Republic of Texas 1839. Educated at Old Baylor and Rutersville, where students had to defend school from Indian attacks. In Civil War, 1861-65, served with Terry's Texas Rangers and Spe....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Rock Store, Old

Influenced by the style of early German rock buildings in central Texas, James Andrew Patton (1853-1944) supervised the construction of this building in 1898. A German mason laid the stone. Patton fought Comanches as a Texas Ranger and was a civic leader and local postmaster. He was known affectiona....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Steele, William

Born New York. Graduate West Point. In Seminole and Mexican Wars. Resigned U.S. Army to serve Confederacy. Colonel 7th Texas Cavalry. In New Mexico campaign General. Commander Indian Territory 1863 and Galveston defenses 1864. Led cavalry division Red River campaign. Gave distinguished service vario....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Littlefield Building

Littlefield Building George Washington Littlefield (1842-1920) came to Texas from Mississippi in 1850. After serving in Terry's Texas Rangers in the Civil War, he made his fortune ranching and driving cattle. He moved to Austin in 1883 and, in 1890, established the American National Bank, which incl....

Historical Marker - Austin.

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