Uncovered Texas

Stage Stop


BLUFFTON, TEXAS . Bluffton, also known as New Bluffton, is on Farm Road 2241 near the western shore of Lake Buchanan twelve miles northeast of Llano in northeastern Llano County. One of the earliest settlements in the region that was to become Llano County, Bluffton originated when Billy Davis settl....

Ghosttown - Bluffton.


CLINE, TEXAS . Cline is on U.S. Highway 90 and the Southern Pacific Railroad eighteen miles west of Uvalde in southwestern Uvalde County. The site was in Dawson County between 1858 and 1866. The community was first settled by Celeste Pingenot, from Castroville, who arrived with some cattle in 1870 a....

Ghosttown - Cline.

Corn Hill

CORN HILL, TEXAS . Corn Hill was on Willis Creek and Interstate Highway 35 two miles south of Jarrell in north central Williamson County. The site was settled in 1855 by Judge John E. King as a stage stop on the road between Georgetown and Fort Gates and was named for the hill on which the judge's h....

Ghosttown - Corn Hill.


DURHAM, TEXAS . Durham was on Bull Creek ten miles southeast of what became Gail, three miles south of U.S. Highway 180, and two miles west of Farm Road 1610 in east central Borden County. Early members of the Durham community included the Waskom, Wicker, Calloway, Reeves, and Askin families. The fi....

Ghosttown - Durham .


VERAND, TEXAS . Verand, five miles north of Eldorado, was the first town to be established in Schleicher County. The area was settled in the mid--1880s, when a group from Vermont bought several thousand acres of land there and established the Vermont Ranch. The town associated with the ranch was cal....

Ghosttown - Verand .


WALTHALL, TEXAS . Walthall (Walthal) was east of the Colorado River five miles southeast of Ballinger in southeast Runnels County. The town was started about 1875, when a telegraph station was established by William Hightower on a new line running from Camp Colorado to Fort Concho. Within a short ti....

Ghosttown - Walthall.

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