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Front of San Antonio/San Diego Stage Stop


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Valley Creek Station

Maintained at falls and crossing of Valley Creek, 1858 to 1861, as a stage stop for the Butterfield Overland Mail. The twice-weekly mail and passenger line stretched from San Francisco to St. Louis, crossing northwest corner of Taylor County and passing six miles west of present Abilene. (1968)....

Historical Marker - Abilene.

Smith's Station

From 1858 until the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, a station of the Butterfield Overland Mail Route was located here. Despite a brief existence, it was an important stop of the early stage line that reached from Missouri to California. Stages made the trip in under 25 days, a marked improvement ....

Historical Marker - Albany.

Little, Jim, Homestead

On 59 Ranch, granted to Little in1873, grazed earlier by his cattle. Home built about 1870, of cypress and heart pine that came by steamer from Florida to St. Mary's, then by ox-cart to site. Kiln on ranch made lime for early-type cement. Good water well, country store, made this a campsite for such....

Historical Marker - Beeville.

Mahomet-Sycamore Springs Community

Settlement in this part of Burnet County began in the 1850s. Two early communities were Mahomet and Sycamore Springs, originally located 8 miles from each other. Pioneers of Mahomet were George Ater, William G. Hall, and Mr. Sanford, while Sycamore Springs was settled by the Smart, Stewart, and Will....

Historical Marker - Bertram.

Kinney County Courthouse

Kinney County Courthouse Human inhabitation of Kinney County began thousands of years ago. Spanish expeditions through the area began in 1535 and continued throughout subsequent centuries. An attempt at establishing a Franciscan mission in 1775 failed, as did settlement by Dr. John Charles Beales in....

Historical Marker - Brackettville.

Gunsight Community

Records indicate that Gunsight existed on a wagon road from Fort Griffin to Stephenville in 1858. Settlement of the town, however, did not occur until the 1870s. The first recorded burial here was that of Lewis McCleskey is 1877. Gunsight developed as a stage stop and by 1880 contained a post office....

Historical Marker - Breckenridge.

Strickling, Site of Town of

Once a busy rural community. Named for Mrs. Martha (Webster) Strickling, who settled here in 1853 with husband Marmaduke. As child, she survived killing of some 30 settlers in infamous Webster Massacre near Leander, and months of Indian captivity. Post office opened here, 1857, and Strickling became....

Historical Marker - Burnet.

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