Uncovered Texas

Stage Coach

Halfway House; Old Stage Coach Inn


Neighborhood - Chireno.

Bryson Stage Coach Stop


National Register - Liberty Hill.

San Jacinto Plaza

In 1857, W. T. Smith sold his property which he called the "town of El Paso" for $6500.00. The buyers were J. S. and H. S. Gillette, J. F. Crosby, J. W. Morton and V. St. Vrain; they had it surveyed by Anson Mills. The map showed downtown El Paso much as it is today, including a public square which ....

Historical Marker - El Paso.

West Galveston Island

Earliest known inhabitants of this area were the now extinct Karankawa Indians, alleged to be the only American tribe to practice cannibalism in rituals. Cabeza de Vaca was shipwrecked near here in 1528, and is credited as the first European to visit the island. He, and other explorers including La ....

Historical Marker - Galveston.

Starr, James Harper

Connecticut-born. Came to Texas 1837. A doctor in Nacogdoches. Secretary of the Treasury and army surgeon, Republic of Texas. At start of Civil War appointed to take and sell the property of enemy aliens, the proceeds going to Treasury of Confederacy to aid the war effort. Became Postmaster General ....

Historical Marker - Marshall.

Round Top Community

Home of the Townsends, Hills and McH. Winburn, veterans of San Jacinto; Joel W. Robison, one of Santa Anna's captors; John Rice Jones, first postmaster general, Republic of Texas; and John C.C. Hill, boy captive of Mier Expedition and adopted by General Santa Anna. A center of German culture and cra....

Historical Marker - Round Top.

Salado Methodist Church

Building erected 1890 for a congregation organized 1854 at site on Salado Creek. Circuit riders serving congregation included the Rev. J.E. Ferguson, father of a Texas governor. Building committee for this church: J.L. Bailey, W.H. Cawthon, J.M. Porter. Charlie Bailey and Wallie Harkey drove wagons ....

Historical Marker - Salado.

Stage Coach to the Rio Grande (C.S.A.)

About 10 miles east of this site during the Civil War was Paso Real, ferry point on Arroyo Colorado. As early as 1846, stagecoaches had gone over Paso Real Ferry (the name probably meant "The King's Pass"). In the 1860s, the spot had international importance. It was a crossing for the Cotton Road, l....

Historical Marker - Sebastian.

Stagecoach Inn

Built as a home by Joseph D. Rice, Sr., who came to Texas in 1828. In 1838 it was designated as a stopping place for the stage coach from Nacogdoches to Crockett.....

Historical Marker - .

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