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Gates, John Warne

Illinois native John Warne Gates (1855-1911) arrived in Port Arthur in 1899 at the urging of his business partner and town promoter, Arthur Stilwell. Gates' time here as a financier, entrepreneur and philanthropist left a significant legacy to the city in the form of numerous charitable bequests, bu....

Historical Marker - Port Arthur.

Port Arthur Refinery, The

The eruption of the Lucas Gusher at the Spindletop Oil Field in January 1901 established Texas as a major oil source and signaled the beginning of a significant economic boom to the state. The new town of Port Arthur benefited tremendously from its proximity to the oil field. In early 1901, a consor....

Historical Marker - Port Arthur.

Postex Cotton Mill

Established 1912 by C. W. Post, creator of Post Cereals and a philanthropist. Mill was a part of Post's dream of diversified income for Garza County farmers and prosperity for town of Post. Mill--one of world's first to process cotton from raw state to finished product--had cotton gin and bleachery ....

Historical Marker - Post.

Barbed Wire

At first called "Devil's Rope" by cowboys, barbed wire was patented in 1873 but found little favor with Texas cattlemen until the late 1870s, when its use and practicality were shown in a sensational demonstration here in San Antonio. Its showman-sponsor was John Ware Gates (1855-1911), who came her....

Historical Marker - San Antonio.

Booth House

This house was built about 1880 for Crawford Henry Booth (1843-1937), a prominent local rancher and banker. An unusual local example of the L-plan vernacular form, the house features many Queen Anne details, including an octagonal turret with onion dome roof, polygonal bays, arched windows, curvilin....

Historical Marker - Taylor.

Trinity Chapel A.M.E. Church

The Trinity Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church traces its beginnings to 1882 when it was established as a mission church. The Reverend W.M. Apling was appointed as the first pastor. Land for a church was donated in 1887 by the New York and Texas Land Company, Ltd. A small one-room building wa....

Historical Marker - Trinity.

Jecker, Joe F. and Amelia, House

After Republic of Texas President Sam Houston granted the original land to the town of Victoria in December 1841, the Rev. William C. Blair bought several parcels of land in the community, including this one. Blair came from Natchez, Mississippi in 1838 and organized a Presbyterian church and Sabbat....

Historical Marker - Victoria.

Thiele Cottage

Built in 1890 for San Antonio business and civic leader August Thiele, Jr., this high Victorian raised cottage was designed by noted architect James Reilly Gordon. Of particular importance is the structure's outstanding and unusual porch with its distinctive wagon-bow arch and radiating spindles, se....

Historical Marker - .

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