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Hardin, John Wesley

Champion gunfighter in personal combat, Hardin was brought to justice for first time for murder of Deputy Sheriff Charles Webb here in Comanche in 1874. Served 15 years in prison. On release, opened law office in El Paso, 1894. Killed at age of 42 when shot in back, 1895. (1966)....

Historical Marker - Comanche.

Cunningham, James

Born in Alabama, settled in Comanche County, 1855. Commander of Texas Ranger Company stationed in Comanche County, 1858. Helped bring law and order to county--drove out renegades and wild Indians. Cunningham commanded men from Comanche County in Dove Creek Battle, Jan. 8, 1864 (500 white men against....

Historical Marker - Comanche Vicinity.

Anderson, Mabin Alexander

(Aug. 6, 1869 - Feb. 3, 1940) Upon winning election as Montgomery County Sheriff, 1902, took office in critical period of the John Winston murder trial. Success led to his serving 18 years. Married Mattie Talley. They had five children.....

Historical Marker - Conroe.

Turbeville, Sam B.

(July 4, 1856 - July 8, 1925) Born in Mississippi. He and his wife, former Saluda Chapman, came to Lamar County, Texas 1879. Moved to Delta County in 1884. His occupation was farming. Elected Delta County Sheriff in special contested election May 1, 1897. Served 3 additional terms. During service, c....

Historical Marker - Cooper.

Delta County Centennial

Erected in the Centennial Year, to commemorate founding of Delta County Named for shape, resembling Greek letter [triangle], and for evident origin of its land--sedimentation at fork of North and South Sulphur Rivers. The first (1820-30) political activity here was oversight by the Sulphur Forks Ind....

Historical Marker - Cooper.

Delta County

Formed from Lamar and Hopkins counties; created July 29, 1870 The name describes its position and triangular shape. Cooper, the county seat 2nd: 1970 Named for shape, resembling Greek letter (triangle), and for evident origin of its land -- sedimentation at fork of North and South Sulphur Rivers. Th....

Historical Marker - Cooper.

Lambeth, Thomas A.

Joined Confederate Army at 16; was captain in escort of General John B. Magruder, Commandant, District of Texas. Became sheriff of Delta County in 1879. During his six years as sheriff, the jail was set on fire 25 times, but no prisoner escaped. He shot only one man. Broke up horse thief relay stati....

Historical Marker - Cooper.

Coles, Solomon and Solomon Coles School

A former slave, Solomon Melvin Coles was born in Petersburg, Virginia. Before the Civil War, a sheriff disobeyed the law by teaching Coles to read. He worked his way through college beginning at Guilford Institute, Connecticut, as the first black student. He earned a bachelor's and a master's degree....

Historical Marker - Corpus Christi.

Parker, Thomas S.

Born in Philadelphia in 1817, Thomas S. Parker came to Texas at the age of twenty. In 1839 he and his parents William W. and Hannah Parker were awarded large land grants in the vicinity of present-day Corpus Christi; they used the land to raise cattle. About 1845 Parker joined forces with his friend....

Historical Marker - Corpus Christi.

Dunn-Ransom Home

A native of Kentucky, Ewing Eric Dunn (1835-1917) came to Texas in 1850. He served as Navarro County deputy sheriff, 1854-1858, and joined the Confederate army during the Civil War. In 1866 he built the first portion of this frame house. Dunn was county sheriff from 1876 to 1884. S. M. Ransom, a gro....

Historical Marker - Corsicana.

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