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Constructed of native stone quarried near the site, this home was built in 1882-83 in Pittsburg (later annexed by Blanco) by Irish craftsman Laurence H. Wall. The total construction cost was $1,000. John Wilson Baines and his wife Ruth Ament Huffman (later grandparents of Lyndon Baines Johnson) purc....

Historical Marker - Blanco.

Graham, Henry J.

Constructed on Main Street in the late nineteenth century, this building first served as an office for the real estate, insurance, and private banking interests of Henry J. Graham (1854-1936). Born in Brazil, Graham came to Boerne in the 1870s. He was an active community leader and served as both ta....

Historical Marker - Boerne.

Kendall County Courthouse

First and only courthouse in county. Erected 1869-1870, seven years after county organization. Many locally prominent men were associated with the structure. The first county judge, Joseph Graham, was appointed U.S. Consul to Argentina. The first sheriff, Capt. John Sansom, was a member of the U.S. ....

Historical Marker - Boerne.

Fort Inglish, Vicinity of

(exact original location unknown) Spot where settlement of town of Bonham began. On 1,250-acre land grant of Texas Republic to Bailey Inglish (1797-1867), former Miller County, Ark., sheriff who led train of settlers traveling by oxcart to this site in 1837. Here they built a log stockade and blockh....

Historical Marker - Bonham.

Simpson, John P.

(Oct. 17, 1806 - Jan. 13, 1884) Significant for his contributions to the formative years of Bonham and Fannin County, Tennessee native John P. Simpson arrived in Texas about 1837. In that year he signed the petition to create Fannin County and began to farm his land in this area. An early elected of....

Historical Marker - Bonham.

Plemons Cemetery

The town of Plemons was settled about 1898 when James A. Whittenburg, an area rancher, built a dugout house in a hill overlooking a bend in the Canadian River about seven miles northeast of this site. The town was named for Barney Plemons, son of Amarillo judge and State Legislator William Buford Pl....

Historical Marker - Borger.

Stafford - Tucker Cemetery

The family of Uriah Monroe and Elizabeth Hanks Stafford came to Texas in the 1840s. In 1851 their son, George Washington, married Susan Woolverton and raised his family in Anderson County. After George W. Stafford's death in 1876 his land passed to his three children, William Uriah, Mary Louisa, and....

Historical Marker - Bradford.

McCulloch County Jail

Constructed in 1909-1910, this was the second building to serve as the McCulloch County Jail. This red brick Romanesque Revival style edifice was built by the Southern Structural Steel Co. of San Antonio. Sheriff T.L. Sansom was the first occupant of the first floor jailer's quarters. The second and....

Historical Marker - Brady.

McCulloch, General Ben, C.S.A.

Distinguished Ranger, frontier surveyor, Indian fighter, lawman, statesman and military commander. Born in Tennessee. Followed David Crockett to Texas to fight in War for Independence. Commanded one of the "Twin Sisters" cannon in the Battle of San Jacinto, April 21, 1836. Served in the Congress of ....

Historical Marker - Brady.

Parker, Milas Roberson

A native Texan and the grandson of a pioneer Nueces County sheriff, Milas Roberson "Burney" Parker grew up in Lee and Washington counties. He served as Washington County Road Superintendent for fourteen years before he was elected county treasurer in 1908. He resigned that office in 1914 to run for ....

Historical Marker - Brenham.

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