Uncovered Texas


Flynt, James Petty

Sheriff of Runnels County 1908-1914; 1920-1924. Elected at age 30. Last man to hold combined post of tax collector-sheriff in county. His activities as law officer included Texas Ranger service in World Wars I and II. He was elected secretary-treasurer of Runnels County Fair Association at its organ....

Historical Marker - Ballinger.

Phillips, Captain Jack

A Bandera County Deputy Sheriff, Capt. Jack Phillips, set out alone on Dec. 29, 1876, on an official visit to Sabinal Canyon. Indians attacked him at Seco Canyon Pass, 22 miles southwest of Bandera. Phillips raced for the nearest settlement. When his horse was shot from under him, he ran for half a ....

Historical Marker - Bandera.

First Ward County Courthouse

A Three-story red sandstone courthouse with a domed cupola was constructed here in 1893, one year after Barstow was elected first Ward County seat. The first elected officials to serve in the courthouse were R. D. Gage, co. judge; S. D. McWhorter, co. & dist. clerk; W. M. Ware, sheriff & tax collect....

Historical Marker - Barstow.

Bell, H. N. (Man)

(Aug. 27, 1856 - Nov. 15, 1934) Born in Arkansas. Began work as peace officer, 1882, during infamous "wire cutter" activities (conflict between cattlemen who favored open range and those who bought and fenced land). With two terms as sheriff, gave over 21 years continuous service to Bastrop County. ....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.

Jones, Captain A.C.

One of builders of Southwest. Born in Nacogdoches County, son of very early settlers. Became a cattleman; served as sheriff of Goliad County in 1858-1860. In Civil War cavalry of Col. John S. "Rip" Ford for 4 years. Fought at Palmito Hill, war's last battle, 34 days after the surrender of Gen. Robt ....

Historical Marker - Beeville.

Lewis, John Bell, Home

Influential Austin county resident John Bell Lewis (1845-1920) was born on a plantation near Coffeeville, Alabama. His grandmother Betty Washington Lewis was George Washington's sister. Lewis grew up near present Winedale, Texas, and served the Confederate army in several major Civil War battles. Du....

Historical Marker - Bellville.

Reed, William Whitaker

(January 23, 1816 - August 21, 1891) A native of Tennessee, William W. Reed came to Texas with his parents, Michael and Martha Reed, in 1833 and joined Robertson's colony in 1834. His land grant was situated near his parents' land on the south bank of the Little River. The family survived "The Runaw....

Historical Marker - Belton.

Rock Courthouse Cornerstone

Erected in Benjamin in 1891, when the officials of Knox County were: J.J. Truscott - judge; W.H. Benedict, T.P. Reeder, J.A. Spinks, G.B. Stewart, commissioners; T.D. Isbell - sheriff. Rock structure, replacing wooden courthouse of 1886, was in use until 1935. (1967) Incise in base: Presented by M. ....

Historical Marker - Benjamin.

Stewart Pioneer Home

Benjamin Hansford Stewart (d. 1932), a native of Tennessee, came to Texas in 1851. A farmer and rancher, he also served as Burnet County sheriff, 1874-75. He constructed this frame house in 1905 as a residence for his son Homer and daughter-in-law Viola. The Texas style home, similar to other area r....

Historical Marker - Bertram.

First Courthouse Built in Reagan County, Site of

The following officials were installed May 8, 1903 Joseph J. Boyd, judge, J. B. Lucas, clerk, Henry Japson, sheriff and tax col., Frank Ramsey, treasurer, W.C. Shamlin, surveyor, M. D. Sutherland, assessor, Commissioners: Jno. E. Gardner, W. C. Castlebury, A. J. Kerchville, G. F. Kirk. The county se....

Historical Marker - Big Lake.

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