Uncovered Texas


Hill County Jail

Constructed in 1893, this building serves as the third jail for Hill County. It was designed by W. C. Dodson of Waco, architect of the Hill County Courthouse, and built by the Brown County firm of Lovell and Wood. The brick and limestone structure reflects influences of the Victorian and medieval re....

Historical Marker - Hillsboro.

Moore, John W.

Opposed Bradburn at Anahuac 1832. Member of the Consultation at San Felipe in 1835. Signer of the Declaration of Independence, 1836. First sheriff of Harris County, 1837 to 1840. City alderman in Houston, 1840. Married to Eliza Belnap, February 2, 1839. Died in Houston, 1846.....

Historical Marker - Houston.

Lord, Irvin Capers

South Carolina native Irvin Capers Lord (1827-1914) came to Houston with his family in 1854. A machinist by trade, he was co-owner of Lord and Richardson's Eagle Iron Works. In 1858 he was elected alderman, representing the First Ward until 1863 when he was elected city marshall. Lord helped lead Ho....

Historical Marker - Houston.

Crabb, Hillary Mercer

Georgia native Hillary Mercer Crabb, a veteran of the militia in his home state, moved his family to the Mexican state of Texas in 1830. While awaiting a land grant they settled in the Sabine District. From there Crabb joined the Texas militia and served in such action as the 1832 Battle of Nacogdoc....

Historical Marker - Huntsville.

Beaty-Orton House

Twice the property of Beaty family members, this lot was purchased by Thomas Beaty in 1843 and sold in 1851. His grandson, John T. Beaty (1855-1937), acquired the site again in 1888 and erected this 2-story Victorian residence of native pine. A lawyer and a former Jasper County sheriff, Beaty served....

Historical Marker - Jasper.

Vines, John M.

(1844-1914) Born in Alabama. Joined W. P. Lane Rangers, C. S. A., 1861; was discharged 1865, rank of farrier. Served as sheriff-tax collector for Marion County, 1874-1876. In April, 1877, sent as agent of the state of Texas to bring Abe Rothschild back to Jefferson from Ohio to stand trial for the m....

Historical Marker - Jefferson.

Atascosa County Courthouse

This log cabin is a replica of first courthouse built 1856 near Amphion (Navatasco) 9 miles to the orthwest, on site given by Jose Antonio Navarro out of his 1828 grant from Coahuila and Texas. A signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, he helped organize this county. First court term, 1857.....

Historical Marker - Jourdanton.

Atascosa County Jail

County officials rented a small Jourdanton house for a jail in 1911 after the county seat was moved here from Pleasanton in 1910. A proposal to build a new jail with cells from the old Pleasanton structure was rejected and this reinforced-concrete, brick-clad building with new steel cells was author....

Historical Marker - Jourdanton.

Taylor, William Walter

Grandson of Josiah Taylor and grandnephew of Creed Taylor, Indian fighters who took part in Battle of Bandera Pass, 1841. Born at Clinton, Texas; in 1889 he moved to Kimble County, to begin ranching with an uncle. In 1898 became county sheriff. His six terms included critical period of 1902 land rus....

Historical Marker - Junction.

Fight of Sheriff's Posse with Cattle Rustlers

(site marked on Rust Ranch, 21 mi. NW) On Feb. 6, 1879, Sheriff John L. Jones and deputies T. C. Taylor, Oscar Latta, John Gardner, T. W. Frazier and Bob Owens found Jim and Jourd Nite (brothers) and J. C. Crane with cattle and horses stolen from James Peterson and John Gardner. In following fight, ....

Historical Marker - Junction.

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