Uncovered Texas


Lodi Ferry, Near Site of

European settlement of this area dates to the early 18th century with the establishment of missions in San Antonio, and missions herdsmen used this area as grazing land for livestock. Until the late 19th century, traveleres in this county crossed the San Antonio River at natural fords, with no bridg....

Historical Marker - Floresville.

Floyd County, Organization of

Floyd County was created by the Texas Legislature in 1876. The Fort Worth and Denver City Railway Company began building westward from Wichita Falls, resulting in increased settlement of the area. Ranchers T. J. Braidfoot and J. R. McLain formed a partnership in 1887 to establish a town they hoped t....

Historical Marker - Floydada.

Perryman Cemetery

The first marked grave in this burial ground is than of an infant who died in 1862. Other burials include those of a Mr. Jones, a well-digger killed by indians in 1863, and Dory Booher and Ben Steadham, former Confederate soldiers who had been captured at Lookout Mountain, Tenn. during the Civil War....

Historical Marker - Forestburg.

Tarrant County Criminal Courts Building

Built in 1917-18, this structure is located on land upon which old Camp Worth was constructed in 1849. The noted Fort Worth architectural firm of Sanguinet and Staats designed the building, incorporating elements of the Beaux Arts and Classical Revival styles. In addition to a criminal courtroom, it....

Historical Marker - Fort Worth.

Tarrant, General Edward H.

South Carolina native Edward H. Tarrant enlisted in the Kentucky Militia in 1814 and served under Gen. Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans. Moving to Tennessee after 1816, he was elected Colonel of the Henry County Militia and served as County Sheriff. Tarrant arrived in Texas in November 18....

Historical Marker - Fort Worth.

Mitchell Cemetery

Although nearly every trace of this pioneer cemetery has been erased, about twelve burials have been identified through written records. First used in the summer of 1848 for the burial of the 18-month-old son of Peters' Colonist John B. York, the cemetery was named for a later owner of the property,....

Historical Marker - Fort Worth.

Reeves, Bob, Sheriff

(Jan. 26, 1895 - Nov. 30, 1957) Born at Ridge, Texas. Served 1937-1951 as sheriff of Robertson County, and attracted statewide notice when he directed the 1947 capture of a bank robber. He and his wife Oda had two children: Imogene and Bob, Jr.....

Historical Marker - Franklin.

Crenwelge, Christian

A native of Germany, Christian Crenwelge migrated to this area in 1854 and worked as a farmer and cabinetmaker. At a sheriff's land sale in 1872 he bought this property located across the street from his home. for a short time he operated a molasses press here. The Victorian style Sunday house was c....

Historical Marker - Fredericksburg.

Crosby's Landing, Site of

Thomas Phillip Crosby (1799-1860) came to Texas from New York in 1830. After surveying sections of land along the Colorado River in 1830, he settled on this tract along the Brazos River with an eye toward building a landing for lower Brazos River plantation owners. He knew that a site on the water i....

Historical Marker - Freeport.

Gail Cemetery

Borden County, created in 1876, was organized in 1891, the same year the town of Gail was established as county seat. The next year, J.I. and L.E. Wilborn gave land for the courthouse sqaure and three churches, and dedicated Block 18 of the townsite for a burial ground. The cemetery had been used as....

Historical Marker - Gail.

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