Uncovered Texas


White, James H.

"(Feb. 15, 1847 - Aug. 19, 1907) Virginia native James Harrison White came to El Paso in 1869 after serving with the Confederacy in the Civil War. In the 1870s he saw service in the Mexican army, the U. S. Army, and as U. S. Marshal of Las Cruces, New Mexico. As a civic leader and law official, he p....

Historical Marker - El Paso.

Euless, Elisha Adam

Elisha Adam Euless (1848-1911) migrated to Texas in 1867 from Bedford county, Tennessee and settled in Tarrant county. In July 1870 Euless married Judy Ann Trigg, also a Tennessee native. He began farming and bought land in 1871. Euless was elected a Tarrant county constable in 1876. In March 1879 E....

Historical Marker - Euless.

Rogers, James Bonner

(Nov. 27, 1836 - April 13, 1872) Freestone County sheriff 1872, during lawless era. Rogers pursued several horse thieves alone, after deputy was shot in hot pursuit; but later was shot from ambush by 2 strangers, supposedly the vengeant thieves. Died, leaving widow, 3 children.....

Historical Marker - Fairfield.

Hopping-Aldridge House

Construction on this home began in 1917, soon after the property was purchased by R. C. Hopping. Hopping, who earlier had served as Parmer County commissioner and sheriff, sold the property to James and Minnie Aldridge before the home was completed. James Aldridge was elected county sheriff in 1918,....

Historical Marker - Farwell.

Breeding Family Cemetery / First School In Fayette County

David and Sarah Davis Breeding came to Texas from Kentucky and settled here in 1833 with sons John, Richard L., Napoleon B., Fidelio S., and Benjamin W.; John, Napoleon, and Fidelio Breeding fought in Texas Army during the War for Independence, participating in the victory at San Jacinto on April 21....

Historical Marker - Fayetteville.

Stevens, Captain George

Born in Alabama. Came to Wise County in 1855. Well known as champion of the defenseless. Active in resisting Indian attacks on pioneers. Member and guiding officer in numerous home guard units. Served as sheriff in 1860s, 1870s. (1968)....

Historical Marker - Flat Rock.

Wright, Capt. Will L., Texas Ranger and Sheriff

(February 10, 1868-March 7, 1942) A fearless, colorful, cultured man whose honesty and diplomacy often prevented bloodshed. An 1890s Wilson County Deputy Sheriff. In Frontier Battalion, Texas Rangers. Sheriff, Wilson County, 1902-1917. At request of Texas Adjutant-General, he organized and commanded....

Historical Marker - Floresville.

Lodi, Site of Old Town:

Community in an area known by 1720 as land of the Cayopines, a Coahuiltecan Indian tribe. The site was important to Spanish missions of San Antonio, since here along the river their herds were pastured. For the herdsmen, adobe huts were built. After the Apache Indians began to raid the area in 1731,....

Historical Marker - Floresville.

Flores de Abrego Family and Floresville, The

The Flores de Abrego family came to the New World from northern Spain before the time of the American Revolution. During the 18th century, members of this family brought their cattle northward and established ranches along the San Antonio River. The head of this family was Francisco Antonio Flores d....

Historical Marker - Floresville.

Wright, Captain Will

(1868-1942) Founding officer, Co. D, Texas Rangers. Had uncles, brother, sons in Rangers and Border Patrol. Wilson County deputy sheriff, 1896-1900; sheriff, 1902-1917. While in office reared his family in the jailer's quarters. Always was armed. A stern leader, but gentlemanly and kind. (1967)....

Historical Marker - Floresville.

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