Uncovered Texas

Santa Fe

Burleson County

In rich Brazos River basin; had settlers early as 1825. Site in 1830 of Tenoxtitlan, one of 3 forts built by Mexico in Texas, situated above El Camino Real (The King's Highway) crossing on Brazos River. North of the road was Sterling Robertson's Colony; south, the colony of Stephen F. Austin. In 184....

Historical Marker - Caldwell.

Canadian River Trail

Trade, exploration and hunting trails along the Canadian are older than recorded history -old when used 1541 by Spaniard Coronado hunting golden cities of Cibola. Route in 1840 for Josiah Gregg and 34 Missouri men with goods worth $25,000 headed for trade in Santa Fe. Used by 1849 parties escorted b....

Historical Marker - Canadian.

Ciboleros, Los

For centuries Pueblo Indians of present New Mexico trekked to the plains to hunt buffalo to supplement from the Spanish in the 17th century, the annual trips were made more easily and with greater success. By the 19th Century, the Ciboleros (from "Cibolo" -- Spanish for buffalo) became very importan....

Historical Marker - Canyon.

Canyon, City of

Site surveyed Christmas Day, 1887, by L. G. Conner, who also donated land for numerous civic improvements. Named for the colorful Palo Duro Canyon, 12 miles east. Despite a harsh environment characterized by snow, sandstorms, and grasshopper plaques, pioneer citizens pushed ahead. The first school, ....

Historical Marker - Canyon.

Roberts House, Dr. R. A.

A native of North Carolina, Dr. R. A. Roberts (1837 - 1906) settled in Cedar Hill in 1859. After serving as a Confederate Army surgeon he returned to this area, where he became a prominent physician and helped bring the Grand Central and Santa Fe Railroad line through Cedar Hill. Roberts built this ....

Historical Marker - Cedar Hill.

First Baptist Church of Celeste

Organized by four charter members, the First Baptist Church of Celeste was begun in 1887, the same year the town was platted by the Santa Fe Railroad. The Rev. Jim Price was called as first pastor. A two-story building erected on South Third Street served both the church and the local Masonic Lodge.....

Historical Marker - Celeste.

Bosque River Crossing of the 1841 Texas Santa Fe Expediton

Sent by Republic of Texas president Mirabeau B. Lamar to establish trade and expand Texas legal boundaries, the members of the 1841 Texas Santa Fe Expedition met with a number of hardships endeavoring to carry out their mission. On July 6, 1841, the expedition crossed the Bosque River near this site....

Historical Marker - China Spring.


Frontiersmen began to immigrate into the south Concho Valley in 1870s, locating along the "Toe Nail" trail from Fort McKavett to Fort Concho. By mid-1880s the settlement began to develop and a Union Church was organized, the South Concho Irrigation Co. was established in 1885, and built a dam and 3 ....

Historical Marker - Christoval.

Becknell, William

William Becknell (1788-1856) of Missouri is renowned for opening the Santa Fe Trail from the United States into Spain's New World Empire in 1821. He and his wife Mary settled in 1835 near here, on Becknell's Prairie, with a daughter and two sons. On the way to the Alamo, David Crockett visited them.....

Historical Marker - Clarksville.

Cleburne Town Square

Traces its beginning to 1854 when first house, a log cabin, was built here near a good spring. County seat was bodily moved by wagon to this place (then called Camp Henderson) in 1867, and renamed to honor Patrick Cleburne, a Confederate general under whom many local Civil War veterans had served. C....

Historical Marker - Cleburne.

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