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Santa Fe

Lewis, John Bell, Home

Influential Austin county resident John Bell Lewis (1845-1920) was born on a plantation near Coffeeville, Alabama. His grandmother Betty Washington Lewis was George Washington's sister. Lewis grew up near present Winedale, Texas, and served the Confederate army in several major Civil War battles. Du....

Historical Marker - Bellville.

Oak Knoll Cemetery

Frederick William (1800-1854) and Marie Louise Starke (1827-1894) Luhn purchased 697 acres here in 1848. When Frederick died in 1854, he was buried on this homestead just east of their log home. A year later, Marie married John Siegfried (1821-1898). As the need arose, the Siegfrieds offered the use....

Historical Marker - Bellville.

Oak Knoll Cemetery


Historical Marker - Bellville.

Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Planing Mill

Built in 1912 at the Santa Fe rail yards in Temple, this planing mill was part of a complex of buildings that housed repair facilities for the railroad. Workers at the mill manufactured replacement parts for wooden elements of the Santa Fe's boxcars and early wooden passenger cars. Heavy timbers use....

Historical Marker - Belton.

Fort Griffin

Site of a picket fort on Little River commonly called Fort Griffin; also known as Fort Smith and Little River Fort. Erected by Geo. B. Erath and 20 Texas Rangers in November, 1836 as a protection against Indians. Abandoned as a military post before the Santa Fe Expedition camped here, June 24-29, 18....

Historical Marker - Belton Vicinity.

Martin-Castillo Expedition

Explored the Concho River, 32 miles north of here, gathering information on Jumano Indians and searching for pearls, 1650. Setting out from Santa Fe, Capts. Hernan Martin and Diego Del Castillo traveled about 600 miles to the Jumano territory, where they stayed for 6 months. Further travels took the....

Historical Marker - Big Lake.


Promoted and founded in July 1925 by South Plains & Santa Fe Railroad. Named for railroad president, S.T. Bledsoe. In late 1920s became important cattle shipping point. It was also county's largest town. Population hit 750. Began decline after rail freight traffic decreased in 1930s. (1970)....

Historical Marker - Bledsoe.

Kendall, George Wilkins

(August 22, 1809 - October 21, 1867) A native of New Hampshire, George Wilkins Kendall was a journalist by profession. He was co-founder of the New Orleans "Picayune" newspaper in 1837. Kendall later wrote books chronicling his experiences with the 1841 Texan Santa Fe Expedition and the Mexican War.....

Historical Marker - Boerne.

Kendall County

Kendall County; created January 10, 1862; organized February 18, 1862. Named in honor of George Wilkins Kendall, 1809-1867; poet, journalist, author and farmer. One of the founders of the New Orleans Picayune; member of the Santa Fe Expedition; most successful sheep raiser in the Southwest, Boerne, ....

Historical Marker - Boerne.

Bon Wier

W. H. Stark settled here in 1836 and established a ferry and warehouse business on the Sabine River known as Stark's Landing. It served as a wharf for steamboats and a point from which large quantities of timber were rafted to sawmills downriver. Development in this area began after T. J. Trotti est....

Historical Marker - Bon Wier.

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