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Harmon-Toles Elevator

Holland E. Toles (1894-1941) opened a grain elevator in this area in 1926, and was joined by Vernon Harman in 1938. After Toles' death, Harman formed a new partnership with John F. and Holl Ed Toles. World War II, increased irrigation, and a federal grain program created a need for larger storage fa....

Historical Marker - Happy.

Ox-Cart Road (Section of Chihuahua Road)

After centuries of use by buffalo and Indians, this trail from San Antonio to the Texas coast gained importance when opened to colonial travel by the Alarcon Expedition in 1718. Spanish conquistadores and priests, the Gutierrez-Magee Expedition (which invaded Spanish Texas in 1812), Stephen F. Austi....

Historical Marker - Helena.

Clear Creek Confederate War Camps

Although no physical evidence has been found of the Confederate camp sites in this area, historical accounts have established that this part of Waller County was the location of several Civil War encampments. The close proximity of Clear Creek, the railroad, and the city of Hempstead made this area ....

Historical Marker - Hempstead.

Hempstead, C.S.A.

Major Civil War center in Texas with railroad, troop training, manufacturing, and supply activity. Training camps Groce and Hebert kept troops in readiness to move by rail to Houston and thence to the coast of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas to prevent invasion of state. Camp Groce became second largest ....

Historical Marker - Hempstead.

Union Army P.O.W. Cemetery

Several Confederate military facilities were positioned near Hempsted (2.5 mi. w), an important railroad junction, during the Civil War. Camp Groce (then about 6 mi. e) was a prisoner-of-war stockade established on the plantation of Leonard Waller Groce (1806-1873). Union Army prisoners who died at ....

Historical Marker - Hempsted.

Brown, Richard

(November 16, 1808 - August 24, 1893) An 1836-37 Republic of Texas soldier who joined the 1842 Mier Expedition to punish Mexican invasions of Texas. Captured in Mexico, he escaped firing squad by drawing a white bean, but was chained in prison for two years. The well-educated son of a Philadelphia, ....

Historical Marker - Henderson.

Prisoner of War Camp Chapel

Near this site during World War II the Hereford Military Reservation and Reception Center, a prisoner of war camp, was established. During nearly three years of operation, approximately 7000 Italian soldiers were imprisoned. Through their work on area farms and such projects as the painting of relig....

Historical Marker - Hereford.

Prisoner of War Camp Chapel

A prisoner of war camp, used primarily for Italian soldiers, was in operation near this site during World War II. Known as the Hereford Military Reservation and Reception Center, it was first used in 1943 for prisoners captured in an invasion of North Africa. Many of the approximately 7000 Italian s....

Historical Marker - Hereford.

Cronea, Charles

(January 14, 1805 - March 4, 1893) Born in Marseilles, France, Charles Cronea came to America on a French frigate as a cabin boy in 1818. Soon after, boarding a ship out of Charleston, South Carolina, Cronea and several companions entered the service of Jean Laffite off Galveston engaged in privatee....

Historical Marker - High Island.

Hill County Jail

Constructed in 1893, this building serves as the third jail for Hill County. It was designed by W. C. Dodson of Waco, architect of the Hill County Courthouse, and built by the Brown County firm of Lovell and Wood. The brick and limestone structure reflects influences of the Victorian and medieval re....

Historical Marker - Hillsboro.

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