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This site was chosen in June 1846 as the first seat of DeWitt County and named for Capt. Ewen Cameron (1811-43), slain prisoner of the Mier Expedition. Although a town was platted on the 100-acre tract donated by Joseph Tumlinson, a log courthouse and a county clerk's office were the only buildings ....

Historical Marker - Cuero.

White Rock Dam, Reservoir and Park

Early Dallas residents relied on natural springs, Artesian Wells and the Trinity River for their water. By the early 1900s, these sources began to prove inadequate for the growing city. In 1909, under Mayor Stephen J. Hay, the city began acquiring 2,292 acres of land to build a reservoir on White Ro....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Civilian Conservation Corps Company 2896

Soon after President Franklin D. Roosevelt took office in 1933, he established what would become the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), a New Deal program designed to address hardships during the Great Depression. In addition to providing wages, it trained young men in building trades and other skil....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Cox Cemetery

A reflection of the pioneer heritage in this part of Dallas County, Cox Cemetery contains more than 400 marked graves and an estimated 100 unmarked burials. The oldest tombstone dates to 1848 and marks the grave of Margaret Frances Dixon, the two-month-old daughter of Solomon and Lydia Dixon. Locate....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Boyd, Belle, Near Homesite of

(1844 - 1900) Famous as a Confederate spy during the Civil War, Marie Isabella Boyd resided at a stately colonial mansion near this site in the 1880s. One of the most effective of spies, the slender, blonde girl was only 17 when the Civil War began in 1861. Her passionate devotion to the South and t....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Dallas County Criminal Courts Bldg.

Dallas County Criminal Courts Building This site was purchased by Dallas County in 1913 for a new jail and courts building, designed by local architect H. A. Overbeck (1861 - 1942). The steel-framed building, finished in 1915 at a cost of $585,982, is clad with granite, terra cotta, and brick, exhib....

Historical Marker - Dallas.

Stone Prison, Old

First stone house in Decatur. Erected by prison labor about 1859. Main house was residence of sheriff or deputy. Basement was used as jail. Meals were sent down a dumb-waiter located outside the east end of the house. County sold property in 1888 to A. H. Whitehead. Used as city water works until 19....

Historical Marker - Decatur.

Val Verde County Courthouse Square

Organized in 1885 from sections of Crockett, Kinney, and Pecos Counties, Val Verde County was named for a Civil War battle in New Mexico which involved Texas Confederate Forces. The growing railroad town of Del Rio was chosen as the seat of Government and Commissioners set up offices in a commercial....

Historical Marker - Del Rio.

P.O.W. Camp Chapel

This chapel is one of the few physical reminders of the days this site served as an Italian prisoner of war camp during World War II. The prisoners, several of them fine artisans and craftsmen, designed and built the chapel, crafting the concrete building to resemble marble. Completed in 1945, the c....

Historical Marker - Dimmit.

Rice Culture in Colorado County

The rice industry did not spread into the coastal plains region west of Houston until the very end of the 19th century. In 1898, Captain William Dunovant (1845-1902), a local plantation owner and entrepreneur, planted 40 acres of rice at the southeast corner of Eagle Lake (2.5 miles south) as an exp....

Historical Marker - Eagle Lake.

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