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Hardin, John Wesley

Champion gunfighter in personal combat, Hardin was brought to justice for first time for murder of Deputy Sheriff Charles Webb here in Comanche in 1874. Served 15 years in prison. On release, opened law office in El Paso, 1894. Killed at age of 42 when shot in back, 1895. (1966)....

Historical Marker - Comanche.

Lambeth, Thomas A.

Joined Confederate Army at 16; was captain in escort of General John B. Magruder, Commandant, District of Texas. Became sheriff of Delta County in 1879. During his six years as sheriff, the jail was set on fire 25 times, but no prisoner escaped. He shot only one man. Broke up horse thief relay stati....

Historical Marker - Cooper.

Nuecestown Raid

During the reconstruction era in Texas, tensions mounted between Anglo settlers and Mexicans in the Nueces River area. On March 26, 1875, a band of raiders attacked a farm near Nuecestown, stealing livestock and taking some of the settlers prisoner. Forcing their captives to March on foot, they proc....

Historical Marker - Corpus Christi.


One of the most influential American political groups of the twentieth century, the League of United Latin American Citizens was founded in Corpus Christi. The formation of LULAC resulted from the merger of three groups: the Order of Sons of America (Corpus Christi); the Knights of America (San Anto....

Historical Marker - Corpus Christi.

Damon, Henry G.

(1846-1918) Born in Florida, Henry Damon served in the Confederate army and was taken prisoner during the Civil War. After moving to Corsicana in 1873, Damon became a lawyer and established the Texas Loan Agency with his partner, businessman W. R. Bright. Headquartered in this building from 1890 unt....

Historical Marker - Corsicana.

Jester, Beauford H.

(1893-1949) Governor of Texas (1947-1949) Chief executive when significant Gilmer-Aikin law was passed, raising standards of public education in Texas. His administration also made strides toward prison reform, water control, improved public roads. Jester was born at family home in Corsicana, where ....

Historical Marker - Corsicana.

Smith-McCrery Home

Built in 1880, this house originally was the residence of Dr. John R. Smith, who served as the mayor of Corsicana from 1883 until 1885. During his term of office, Smith organized the volunteer fire department and helped Navarro County set up a poor farm at Petty's Chapel, where prisoners without mon....

Historical Marker - Corsicana.

Corsicana City Jail of 1908

The city's first brick jail, this structure was erected in 1908 adjacent to the city hall on a lot purchased from Rebecca A. Croft, widow of Judge William Croft. On the lower floor were cells and on the top floor the police chief's office, occupied by Will S. Knight, Corsicana's first police chief, ....

Historical Marker - Corsicana.

Sadler Cemetery

Sadler Cemetery Settlers, including many from Tennessee, arrived in the area around Rainey's Creek in the early 1850s. The community became known as Rainey's Creek until 1871, when the post office changed its name to Coryell City. By that time, the community cemetery had been established on land set....

Historical Marker - Coryell City.

Stell, Thomas M.

Born in Florida; came to Texas in childhood. A cowboy in youth -- drove cattle to Kansas, Wyoming. Attended Covey College, Concrete. Appointed sheriff of De Witt County, 1892; he served 15 years. Used persuasiveness and tact in handling duties. One of the prisoners he held was notorious gunman John ....

Historical Marker - Cuero.

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