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Allen, Mrs. R. T. P.

Resident of Bastrop County, 1857-1863. Wife of Col. Robert Thomas Pritchard Allen (1812-1888), graduate of West Point, Civil engineer, mathematics professor, Methodist preacher, U. S. mail agent and co-publisher "Pacific News," San Francisco, 1849-1850; founder and commandant of Kentucky Military In....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.

Chaison, Jean Baptiste

(August 7, 1745 - July 20, 1854) Jean Baptiste ("Jonas") Chaison was born in Nova Scotia, of French parents. After imprisonment by the British during the French and Indian War, he and his parents fled in 1763 to France, where he was soon orphaned. He returned to North America, and joined the Colonia....

Historical Marker - Beaumont.

Texan Capture of Mexican Dispatches

The San Jacinto campaign in southwest Harris County. After the fall of the Alamo on March 6, 1836, Gen. Sam Houston led the Texan army in retreat from Gonzales. The Mexican army under Gen. Santa Anna followed eastward from San Antonio. On April 14, while Houston's army was north of him, Santa Anna l....

Historical Marker - Bellaire.

Van Dyke, Wilson

(Dec. 25, 1817-Aug. 3, 1881) A native of South Carolina, Wilson Van Dyke served as a member of the Somervell Expedition, which was organized in 1842 to expel the Mexican Army from Texas. Under command of Col. W.S. Fisher, he crossed the Rio Grande and was captured. A survivor of the "Black Bean Epis....

Historical Marker - Belton.

Reagan, John H.

Delegate Texas Secession Convention. While member 1st Confederate Congress, made postmaster general C.S.A. 1861. Difficult job begun by raid on U.S. Postal Dept. for southern personnel asking them to get maps, forms. Despite seizure mail by enemy, army draft of clerks and carriers and split of South....

Historical Marker - Big Lake.

Allred, Governor James V., Home County of

Vigorous, forthright and humane Chief Executive of Texas in years 1935-1939. Born in Bowie, one of nine children of Renne and Mary Henson Allred worked in youth as a soda pop bottler, shoeshine boy, newsboy. Attended local schools, Rice University, Cumberland Law School; was in U.S. Navy during Worl....

Historical Marker - Bowie.

McCulloch County Jail

Constructed in 1909-1910, this was the second building to serve as the McCulloch County Jail. This red brick Romanesque Revival style edifice was built by the Southern Structural Steel Co. of San Antonio. Sheriff T.L. Sansom was the first occupant of the first floor jailer's quarters. The second and....

Historical Marker - Brady.

Long's, Jane, Tavern, Site of

Jane Herbert Wilkinson (1798-1880) was born in Maryland and moved to Natchez, Mississippi, in 1812. There in 1815 she married physician and soldier James Long (c. 1793-1822). Jane was granted land in Austin's colony in 1827, and opened a boarding house on this site in 1832. The busy port and tavern ....

Historical Marker - Brazoria.

Prisoners of War at Camp Bowie

During World War II, Camp Bowie housed several thousand German prisoners of war. The first arrivals, many of whom were troops from General Rommel's division in North Africa, came in 1943. The U.S. Army allowed the prisoners to write and receive letters and to take classes in the morning, including E....

Historical Marker - Brownwood.

Virginia Field Park

Land given to Calvert 1868 for use as a park by the Houston & Texas Central Railroad. Co. C, 4th Texas Inf. Regt., Hood's Texas Brigade, under Major Wm. Townsend, mustered nearby, 1865. Was site during Reconstruction, 1868-1873, of "Sky Parlor" (room built on pole, as a tree house) to serve as priso....

Historical Marker - Calvert.

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