Uncovered Texas


Mace, Albert R.

(April 30, 1872 - Oct. 18, 1938) A peace officer 45 years, Mace joined Texas Rangers at age 21. He became deputy sheriff in Lampasas County in 1903; later served 12 years as sheriff. He was president of the Texas Sheriffs Association, 1920; chief of police in oil boom towns of Mexia and Borger (1821....

Historical Marker - Mexia.

McDuffie, Dan LaFayette

(February 16, 1883 - July 7, 1931) Last Ranger killed on duty in East Texas oil boom of 1930's. A third generation enforcement officer; learned methods, skills from an uncle, Texarkana police chief. Held first office at 18. Won fame in 1923 amnesty, when 82 liquor stills were turned in. Spent 30 yea....

Historical Marker - New Boston.


In 1880s, capital of Panhandle area. Settled when slaughter of buffalo sent Indians to live on reservations. Terminus of Santa Fe Railway, 1887. Here immigrant trains brought colonists, who plowed old Indian range into wheat fields and civilization. Settlers banked here, saw the dentist, got supplie....

Historical Marker - Panhandle.

Pharr City Hall, Old

This structure was completed in 1911 by the Pharr Townsite Company, operated by John C. Kelly (1862-1937), a co-founder of Pharr. It housed the first bank, the post office, a confectionary, a drugstore, and the first irrigation and canal company. The building became the first City Hall in 1916, when....

Historical Marker - Pharr.

Indian Point Mass Grave of 1919 Hurricane Victims

In the early morning hours of Sunday, September 14, 1919, a hurricane made landfall in Corpus Christi after gathering strength in the Gulf of Mexico for two weeks. Crowds packed the North Beach area for their last weekend of the summer season, most continuing to ignore the last-minute evacuation war....

Historical Marker - Portland.

Perez, Alejo de la Encarnacion

(March 23, 1835 - October 10, 1918) Infant son of Maria Juana Navarro Perez, was the youngest known survivor of the 1836 Battle of the Alamo. From 1861 to 1864 Alejo served in the Confederate Army. After the Civil War he served the city of San Antonio in a number of offices, including those of polic....

Historical Marker - San Antonio.

Smith, William Robert

(July 20, 1888- July 20, 1952) Served in Co. D, Texas Rangers (1927-1933), under Captains W. W. Sterling, Will Wright, and Albert Mace. Hazardous duties included patrolling the Rio Grande for smugglers, protecting a prisoner from a Sherman lynch mob, dipping cattle for tick fever under death threat ....

Historical Marker - Victoria.

Livery Stable & Wagon Yard

Established 1897 as Odessa's first livery stable and wagon yard by Francis M. Tallant. Cowmen stabled their horses, then headed for ranch saloon located across from stable. Sold 1906 to C. A. Beardsley, who advertised "good rigs, dray line and prompt attention." Livery stable had saddle horses and a....

Historical Marker - .

Bonnie and Clyde, Red River Plunge of

On June 10, 1933, Mr. & Mrs. Sam Pritchard and family saw from their home on the bluff (west) the plunge of an auto into Red River. Rescuing the victims, unrecognized as Bonnie Parker and Clyde and Buck Barrow, they sent for help. Upon their arrival, the local sheriff and police chief were disarmed ....

Historical Marker - .

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