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Front of Hutto Municipaal Ct./Police/F.D


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Clinton, John J., Site of Curfew by

Here each New Year's Eve at midnight for thirty-seven years John J. Clinton, Abilene Chief of Police, emptied his revolver. He began in 1885, decreeing that saloons close at midnight, and that trigger-happy cowboys and townsmen observe the curfew. After saloon era passed, his practice became a comme....

Historical Marker - Abilene.

Douglass-Potts House

Built in 1907 by local contractor Joe O. Crawley, this was the home of city marshall (later chief of police) Wilson M. ("Bud") Douglass and his wife Clara (Ramsey). The cottage was constructed on land formerly owned by Clara's father, Arlington pioneer Seth Ramsey, and his family. W. A. and Clara Po....

Historical Marker - Arlington.

Tevis, Reid

(April 1, 1878 - April 15, 1925) Began lifetime career as a police officer at age 19. Was chief of detectives for Beaumont Police Department many years; chief of police, 1923 to 1925. Started police benefit fund, increased staff from 20 to 50, and reorganized department. Famed among lawmen for his u....

Historical Marker - Beaumont.

Fort Clark Guardhouse

Established in 1852, Fort Clark was manned by varying troop strengths over the years. This guardhouse was built in the 1870s during a period of fort expansion. A new stockade was built in 1942 to relieve overcrowding, and the guardhouse became headquarters for the military police. Built of limestone....

Historical Marker - Brackettville.

McNelly, Leander H.

Born in Virginia; was valiant Confederate soldier. In 1870, appointed one of four State Police captains by Gov. E. J. Davis. Then with Texas Rangers, McNelly was assigned a special force, "The Washington County Volunteer MiIitia," to mediate the Sutton-Taylor feud. Company then assigned to Rio Grand....

Historical Marker - Burton.

Burton Community

John M. Burton (1806-77) of Georgia came to Texas in the 1820s, and to this area in 1834. When the Houston & Texas Central Railroad was being built in 1869, he sold land for townsite. Post office opened Sept. 23, 1870, with Charles Huberich as postmaster. Early businesses included a mercantile store....

Historical Marker - Burton.

Tippit, J. D.

Slain in the line of duty while on alert for President John F. Kennedy's assassin, J. D. Tippit (1924-1963) grew up on his family's farm near this site. He served as a paratrooper in the 17th Airborne Division during World War II and received the Bronze Star. J.D. married his high school sweetheart ....

Historical Marker - Clarksville Vicinity.

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