Uncovered Texas


Cable Tool Rig

Drilled the early deep oil wells in Texas. Derrick here is exact replica and has same rigging and tools used in 1920 to drill the Crowley No. 1, a 250-barrel producer at 3500 feet--one of deepest wells up to the time. It was near Breckenridge, in one of great fields in oil empire of Texas. (1966)....

Historical Marker - Arlington.

Arlington Downs Racetrack

Wealthy rancher and oilman W. T. Waggoner (1852-1934) developed a stable of fine Thoroughbreds and quarter horses at his ranch here in the 1920s. At this site he built Arlington Downs, a one-and-one quarter mile race track with a 6,000-seat grandstand. Racing days drew thousands of spectators includ....

Historical Marker - Arlington.

Norwood Tower

This building was once the tallest structure in Austin's downtown area other than the State Capitol. Dwarfed by other structures by the late 20th century, the Norwood Tower remains unique in its design and elaborate detailing. In 1925, Ollie O. Norwood (1887-1961) bought this site and hired the firm....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Caswell, Daniel H., House

Daniel H. Caswell came to Austin from Nashville, Tennessee, about 1895. He purchased a cotton oil manufacturing company, bought and sold cotton, and in 1899 built a cotton gin. When completed for his family in 1900, this house was located in the far northwest corner of the city. The Caswell house, w....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Bethel Lutheran Church

Situated on ranch land of family of S. M. Swenson, banker who in 1850s underwrote Swedish migration to Texas. Church forms center for Ericksdahl community, founded 1905 by Swedes formerly living near Austin. Visiting pastors L. J. Sundquist and J. A. Stamline held first church service in the N. M. S....

Historical Marker - Avoca.

Mud Creek Cemetery

Named for nearby Mud Creek, this graveyard has served residents of the Thrifty and Fry communities for more than 100 years. The first person known to be buried at the site was infant Martha Blackwell, who died in 1864. However, a rock slab that bears an illegible name indicates the cemetery was used....

Historical Marker - Bangs Vicinity.

Casa Blanca Land Grant

The first spanish land grant awarded in what is now Nueces county was the Casa Blanca land grant. Granted in 1798 by the spanish government to Juan Jose de la Garza Montemayor (1765-1816) and his three sons, Juan Manuel, Jose Perfecto, and Jose Agustin, it was located between Penitas Creek and the N....

Historical Marker - Banquete.

Nix Mill

Built by John L. Nix (1842-1915) to cut rawhide lumber, grind corn and wheat, and gin cotton. Upper floor housed gin; lower, grist mill. On east side was sawmill with wood furnace and boiler to furnish steam power. Furnace was fed cedar and oak wood. Spanish oaks, white oaks, and elms from Nueces Ri....

Historical Marker - Barksdale.

Zavala County Courthouse, Site of First

Zavala County was created in 1858 from Maverick and Uvalde counties. Named for Lorenzo de Zavala, a veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto, the county was not organized for judicial purposes until 1884. In that year citizens elected county officials and selected Batesville as the county seat. Batesvil....

Historical Marker - Batesville.

Smith Plantation House

Charles Leroy Smith (1863-1918) was born in Mississippi and developed lumber, oil, and banking businesses in Louisiana. In 1910 he bought more than 6,000 acres here and built this house as a hub for his plantation and the community he named Ashwood. The structure is framed with pine and the exterior....

Historical Marker - Bay City.

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