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A.T. & S.F. No. 5000

A star of the age of steam transportation. Pride of Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway, which came into Texas in 1886, has its Panhandle and Santa Fe General Offices in Amarillo, and served much of this area. Manufactured at the cost of $133,902.80 by world-famed Baldwin Locomotive Works, according....

Historical Marker - Amarillo.

Gould, Dr. Charles Newton

One of early scientists to use geology in search for oil and gas. This region's rapid economic growth in 1920s and '30s was result of Gould's selection of drill site for Hapgood No. 1--Masterson, discovery well of the vast Panhandle-Hugoton Gas Field, the world's largest known source for helium. Gou....

Historical Marker - Amarillo.

Potter County Courthouse

Organized in August 1887, Potter County erected its first courthouse in 1888 in old town Amarillo. The building was constructed by Mays, Hightower, and Jackson for a cost of $191. Over the years, three more courthouses were built as Amarillo and Potter County grew. During the 1920's the Panhandle ex....

Historical Marker - Amarillo.

Eakle-Archer House

Prominent Amarillo architect Guy A. Carlander designed this dramatic craftsman "airplane bungalow" for the Clarence M. Eakle family. Built in 1923, it features a "cockpit-like" upper floor and sweeping multiple gable roofs. Flared oriental and arts and crafts eaves and brackets are enhanced by vario....

Historical Marker - Amarillo.

Bivins Home

Prominent area rancher Lee Bivins (1862-1929) built this elegant town home in 1905. The brick and stone structure features classical styling. In addition to his large cattle operation, Bivins pioneered much of the Panhandle's oil and gas development. A philanthropist and community leader, Bivins was....

Historical Marker - Amarillo.

United States Topographical Engineers in the High Plains of Texas

This region and much of western America was mapped under adversity, as territory held by hostile Indians. With the dual aims of compiling scientific data and opening the way for settlers, U.S. Army topographers covered ground earlier traversed by conquistadors and mountain men. Earlier travelers men....

Historical Marker - Amarillo.

Gas Well in the Panhandle of Texas, First

The discovery well in the vast Panhandle-Hugoton Gas Field, largest known gas field in the world, is located one mile east of this point on the east slope of John Ray Butte. The geological structure was discovered by Dr. Charles N. Gould in 1905 while in the employ of the United States Geological Su....

Historical Marker - Amarillo.

Thompson, General Ernest O.

Acknowledged world leader in petroleum conservation. A third generation Texan. Left college for World War I, earning battlefield promotion to Lieutenant Colonel--youngest in the U.S. Army. In 1930 gained national recognition as crusading Amarillo mayor. Appointed in 1932 to Railroad Commission of Te....

Historical Marker - Amarillo.

Fain, Mary (Masterson) and John, House

This house and its "twin" next door were built by sisters Mary Masterson Fain and Anna Belle Masterson Krister. Designed by Walter Whitley of Dallas, the houses were built in 1930. Mary Fain was the youngest daughter of Robert and Ann Masterson, pioneer ranchers with oil and gas holdings. The house ....

Historical Marker - Amarillo.

Sterling, Governor Ross Shaw, Birthplace

(1875-1949) Governor of Texas 1931-33, during critical years of the Depression. Born and reared on family farm here. As a youth hoeing these fields, learned to stay ahead by taking "3 or 4 licks" while others took 2. followed this vigorous philosophy throughout life. In 1898 he married Maud Abbie Ga....

Historical Marker - Anahuac.

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