Uncovered Texas


Lucas Gusher, Spindletop Oil Field


National Register - Beaumont.

Ennis Cotton Oil Company


National Register - Ennis.

Czech Settlers in Hill County

One of the most influential and numerous national groups to settle in Hill County, Czechs came to this area from Fayette County and the province of Moravia in Austria-Hungary. Many sought greater freedom due to barriers to attaining national status in the old country, political restraints, introduct....

Historical Marker - Abbott.

Guitar Mansion, Site of

John and Laura Hudson Guitar of Missouri moved to Abilene in 1898. John was already a wealthy businessman who owned a number of cotton gins and cotton oil mills throughout Texas, most in towns served by the Texas & Pacific Railroad. He held large farming and ranching interests as well as lucrative A....

Historical Marker - Abilene.

First Producing Oil Well in West Texas

Marker is a miniature oil well derrick made of steel, eight feet tall, mounted on a moulded concrete base. A bronze plate attached to the derrick reads: The Texas Company --J. E. Wild A-1 Survey 65, University Lands, Shackelford County, completed November 9, 1913. Presented to The Texas Company by T....

Historical Marker - Albany.

Cook Ranch Oil Field

William Ivy Cook (1857-1923) and his wife Matilda moved to this county in 1985. With a brother-in-law, J. H. Nail, Cook purchased a 27.75-section ranch. The Cooks bought out Nail in 1898, and have owned the ranch ever since. During the 1918 Breckenridge and Ranger booms, Cook sold leases but prophes....

Historical Marker - Albany.

Jim Wells County Courthouse

Governor Oscar B. Colquitt signed legislation creating Jim Wells County on March 11, 1911. Taken from territory formerly a part of Nueces County, the new county was named for prominent Brownsville attorney and business leader James B. Wells, Jr. (1850-1923). The first county elections were held two ....

Historical Marker - Alice.

Thompson, General Ernest O.

Acknowledged world leader in petroleum conservation. A third generation Texan, born here in Alvord. Left college to enter service in World War I, earning a battlefield commission as lieutenant colonel -at the time the youngest in American army. In 1930 gained national acclaim as crusading mayor of A....

Historical Marker - Alvord.

Alvord, City of

By 1882, when the Fort Worth & Denver Railroad built a line to this area, a small agricultural community had developed here on an old Indian trail. First known as Nina, the town was renamed Alvord in 1883, probably in honor of J.B. Alvord, President of the railroad. Early businesses here included me....

Historical Marker - Alvord.

Rhoads Family Cemetery

Rhoads Family Cemetery Originally from Tennessee, Abner E. (1820-1910) and Chloe Mays (1824-1886) Rhoads and family came to this area from Kentucky by covered wagon, arriving in 1870. Their son, Moses b. (1845-1916), who was a Methodist circuit rider, schoolteacher and carpenter already living in Te....

Historical Marker - Alvord.

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