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Green-Batte House

Now enclosed, original cabin on site was built of logs and bricks both made nearby, 1847. Owner was George Green (1813-1885), prominent early surveyor and soldier in Battle of San Jacinto. Home was among Cameron's first. Boards were added in 1850s. About 1900, R. L. Batte, Sr., an oil mill owner, la....

Historical Marker - Cameron.

Hemphill County Jail

Built in 1890, first permanent public building in both town of Canadian and Hemphill County. Erected under administration of E. E. Polly, first county judge. Ironically, deception plagued construction of this jail, as building contracts were found to be fraudulent and citizens took legal action all ....

Historical Marker - Canadian.

First Christian Church of Carthage

Gospel meetings in the late 1880s brought together enough prospective members to organize the First Christian Church of Carthage. Hamilton Pollard deeded a lot to the congregation in 1890, and a building was completed the next year. When the fellowship did not have a minister, lay persons and visiti....

Historical Marker - Carthage.

Ray, Elijah, House

A native of Alabama, Elijah Ray (1825 - 1902) first came to Texas in 1847. He purchased this property during the Civil War (1861-65) and built this home for his family. Like many early Texas dwellings, the structure has a central hallway and a two-story porch with decorative brackets. Elijah Ray's s....

Historical Marker - Charco.

Peach Tree Village

In the early 19th century, the Alabama Indians -- then a large tribe -- made their headquarters on this site, and called their village "Ta-Ku-La," which meant "Peach Tree." Two trails blazed by early pioneers crossed here. A north-south trail came from Anahuac on the Gulf of Mexico, over the Neches ....

Historical Marker - Chester.

Olive Branch Cemetery

The first burial at this site occurred in the early 1870s. Area settlers H. H. Bradford, B. P. Cox, J. C. Cartwright, and J. C. Weaver, donated the property for the interment of a young girl who had died on a wagon train. The earliest marked grave is that of Maria B. Smith (1805-1875). During the 18....

Historical Marker - Chico.

Old Shoenail Ranch Land, Loco

Named for weed found here in 1880s by early settlers--the families of Dick Brown, Walter Campbell, and Bobby Payne. The Browns survived the last Indian battle on Buck Creek in 1887. Soil-based local economy moved from mule-power to tractors with lugs, to rubber-tire tractors, to irrigation farming. ....

Historical Marker - Childress.

W. P. A. Sanitation Project

In 1937 the State of Texas and Hardeman County worked with President Franklin Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration in an attempt to provide much-needed employment to indigent citizens and replace unsanitary privies with improved facilities. The advantages of these structures included a decrease....

Historical Marker - Chillicothe.

World War ll Prisoner of War Camp, Site of

The reduction of the labor force in the United States during World War II prompted the use of prisoners of war as laborers for various agricultural interests. The responsibility of the Texas Agricultural Extension Service at Texas A&M University, the program in Jefferson County was supervised by J.M....

Historical Marker - China.

Mobley Hotel, Old

First hotel owned by Conrad Hilton, who proceeded to become "The World's Foremost Innkeeper". Built in 1916, who sold out (1919) during Cisco's great oil boom to Hilton, then a 32-year-old ex-legislator and banker from New Mexico. On night of purchase Hilton "dreamed of Texas wearing a chain of Hilt....

Historical Marker - Cisco.

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