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Hodge, Veda Wells

Alumna, trustee, benefactress of Howard Payne College. Born in Rising Star; daughter of a pioneer Baptist minister. Had teaching career before her marriage to J. Howard Hodge, a Midland theatre and oil magnate. President, Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, 1949-1951. Has held division chairmanships,....

Historical Marker - Brownwood.

Cross Cut Cemetery

Settlement began in this area of Brown County after the Civil War when several families from southern states moved here. They formed a community, initially known as Cross Out. It became Cross Cut in 1897 when an error was made on a post office application. Caroline Pentecost Elsberry was the first p....

Historical Marker - Brownwood Vicinity.


Jack County Petroleum Capital. Founder, Henry E. Bryson (September 1, 1839 - October 25, 1909), a Civil War veteran, farmer and stockraiser, built first log cabin here in 1878. After Bryson post office was established in 1882, the town developed as a center for the growing of cotton and grain. Rock ....

Historical Marker - Bryson.


Once the center of cotton-producing activity in Hays County. Goforth became a ghost town during the 1920s. The community was established in the 1870s by James Taylor Goforth (1849-1915), who operated a general store at this site. Goforth's store served as a social center and as a banking facility fo....

Historical Marker - Buda.

Northwest Extension Oilfield

Oil exploration and production in this area was minimal until April 17, 1919, when the Bob Waggoner Well No. 1 blew in at 4,800 barrels per day. It was the first well in what became known as the Northwest Extension Oilfield, comprised of approximately 27 square miles on the former S. Burk Burnett Wi....

Historical Marker - Burkburnett.

Fowler Discovery Well

(400 yards north) In 1918, cotton farmers Shields and Cassie Fowler considered leaving their land due to oppressive drought conditions. Aware of small but successful oil finds in the area, however, Cassie suggested they drill a well on their land. With help from family, friends and local business ow....

Historical Marker - Burkburnett.

Receiver Bridge

A natural border of the Louisiana Territory when it was acquired by the United States in 1803. The Red River later served as a boundary between the states of Texas and Oklahoma. The exact location for the line of separation was challenged in 1920 soon after an extension of the Burkburnett oil field ....

Historical Marker - Burkburnett.

Hawkins, Simon Peter

A pioneer leader in Wichita County, Simon Peter Hawkins was born in Crockett County, Tenn. He married Sara A. Hardin (1852-1937) in 1869. They had eight children. With his brother-in-law John G. Hardin, Hawkins moved his family to Johnson County, Texas, in 1875. Seeking better land, the men found lu....

Historical Marker - Burkburnett.

First National Bank of Burkburnett

City's oldest business institution, organized May 15, 1907. Joseph A. Kemp, one of townsite owners, was president; John G. Hardin, merchant (and later oil magnate and executive of this bank), vice president; H. D. Creath, cashier. S. B. Burnett, for whom town was named, was one of the original depos....

Historical Marker - Burkburnett.

Clara, Ghost Town of

Herman Specht migrated in 1870 to Galveston from Germany. In 1884 he married Clara M. Vogel Lange (1853-1912), a wealthy widow. Adding to earlier property holdings in Galveston, he began buying extensive tracts of land in northern Wichita County, which eventually totaled 21,000 acres. In 1886 he pla....

Historical Marker - Burkburnett.

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