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Reagan, John H

As congressman, 1876-1887, sponsored bill creating Interstate Commerce Commission; resigned 1891 from United States Senate to head newly-formed Railroad Commission, modeled after I.C.C., and created to regulate shipping rates and practices. In his term, 1891-1903, railway transportation of petroleum....

Historical Marker - Big Lake.

Santa Rita No. 1

Discovery well for Big Lake oil field. First gusher in Permian Basin; first University of Texas producer. On land once thought almost worthless. Fruit of the faith of Big Lake lawyer Rupert Ricker. Though in 1919 no oil had been found within 100 miles, Ricker got leases on 431,360 acres of Universit....

Historical Marker - Big Lake.

Big Lake, City of

The land on which the original townsite of Big Lake was located was owned in 1903 by T. H. Taylor who sold 320 acres to the Orient Land Company, which agreed to build a railroad station and lay out a town to be called Big Lake. The city took its name from a lake created by rain which gathers in a na....

Historical Marker - Big Lake.


Early travelers along many historic trails in this area found the region arid and inhospitable. Given (1876) to the University of Texas, the lands around this marker were leased to cattlemen. The Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railroad built its line here in 1911, but did little local hauling. Develop....

Historical Marker - Big Lake.

Settles Hotel

Will R. and Lillian Settles built this hotel after the discovery of oil on their ranch in 1927. The grand opening was October 1, 1930. Designed by David Castle (1884-1956), the 15-story brick highrise was for many years the tallest building between Fort Worth and El Paso. Under construction for one ....

Historical Marker - Big Spring.

Big Spring School District

Education has been an important endeavor in Howard County since its formal organization in 1882, when the first commissioners court ordered the construction of a school building and created Howard County Common School District No. 1 in 1883. On December 14, 1901, the Big Spring School District was e....

Historical Marker - Big Spring.

Town of Bishop

The town of Bishop was established in 1910 by F.Z. Bishop on land he had purchased from the Driscoll Ranch. The townsite was staked on both sides of the St. Louis, Brownsville and Mexico railroad line. F.Z. Bishop, who dreamed of building a model town on the prairie, managed construction of the town....

Historical Marker - Bishop.


This area was called Floyd's Lane prior to the advent of the New York, Texas & Mexican Railway in 1900. Named for the Bolling family of Virginia, the town name was misspelled when citizens applied for a U. S. Post Office. The economy was based on farming and the railroad until sulphur, oil, and gas ....

Historical Marker - Boling.


Platted 1917 by Thomas C. Spearman, Santa Fe Railway official. Named for railroad locating engineer, B. F. Booker. Town of La Kemp, Oklahoma (6 miles north) moved here 1919. First train arrived July 4, 1919, official birthdate of Booker. Economy based on farming, cattle and (since 1956) oil and gas ....

Historical Marker - Booker.

Grand Hotel & Grand Hardware Building

After the discovery of oil in this area, Borger developed as a townsite in 1926. Gus (1895-1971) and John Yiantsou (1881-1948), Greek immigrants, came here from St. Louis and opened a restaurant. Gus bought this property and in 1927 erected this building, one of the first large structures in the boo....

Historical Marker - Borger.

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