Uncovered Texas


Dickens Cemetery

The only cemetery to serve the town of Dickens. This graveyard began in 1891, the same year the town was founded. Mrs. C. F. Jones, wife of pioneer settler and town barber C. F. Jones, died in 1891 and was buried by her husband at the foot of a hill overlooking the Croton Breaks. The owner of the pr....

Historical Marker - Dickens.

Summerfield-Dameron Corner

In 1876, English native John Summerfield (1885-1918) began his work locating and surveying millions of acres of land in present-day Randall, Deaf Smith, Castro and Swisher counties. One of the earth monuments he erected that year was located near this site and became a starting point for surveys in ....

Historical Marker - Dimmitt.

Doan's Crossing

By herds on the Western Texas-Kansas Trail, 1876-1895, six million cattle and horses crossed here. "You don't need much monument if the cause is good. It's only these monuments that are for no reason at all that has to be big. Good luck to you all anyhow. Yours, Will Rogers." Dedicated to George W. ....

Historical Marker - Doan's Community.


"Smeltertown The Kansas City Consolidated Smelting and Refining Company came to El Paso in the late 19th century, creating a mining and smelting center for the Southwest. In 1899, the American Smelting and Refining Company (ASARCO) bought the operation and refined lead, copper and other ores. The ne....

Historical Marker - El Paso.

Gadsden Purchase, The

Across the river from the Southwestern Portland Cement Company plant, the products of which have helped build El Paso and the Southwest, is the east-west boundary monument between the United States and Mexico. This line was established by the Gadsden Purchase Treaty of 1853, which added 45,000 squar....

Historical Marker - El Paso.

Mount Cristo Rey

High above the point where the states of Texas, New Mexico and Chihuahua intersect stands an impressive monument at the summit of Sierra de Cristo Rey, portraying Christ on the cross. The dream of the small parish of San Jose Del Rio Grande was realized when this fifty-three foot high cross was dedi....

Historical Marker - El Paso.

Fort Bliss

The post of El Paso was created in 1848 and after four moves, came to its present location in 1893. In 1854, the post was named Fort Bliss for Lt. Col. W. W. S. Bliss. His remains are buried there and a monument stands in his name. Early day troops protected caravans and settlers from the Indians, a....

Historical Marker - El Paso.

El Paso Lower Valley Missions

Ysleta Mission -- 1681. Ysleta, the oldest community in Texas, claims the most steadily cultivated plot of land in the U.S. Socorro Mission -- 1682. Regarded as the oldest active parish church in the U.S. Has a unique burying ground and descansas. San Elizario -- where domestic animals were first in....

Historical Marker - El Paso.

Van Zandt, Major K.M.

Born in Tennessee. Came to Texas 1939. Was son of Republic of Texas Minister to the United States. K.M. Van Zandt was admitted to the Bar in 1858. Raised Co. D, 7th Tex. Inf., 1861. Fought in snows at Fort Donelson, Tenn., Feb. 1862. Captured in surrender there. During imprisonment at Camps Douglas,....

Historical Marker - Fort Worth.

Worth, General William Jenkins

During the War of 1812, William Jenkins Worth, a native of Hudson, New York, was aide-de-camp to Generals Morgan Lewis and Winfield Scott. Severely wounded at Lundy's Lane, Worth remained in the Army after the war and later served as Commandant of Cadets at West Point, 1820-28. In 1832 he fought in ....

Historical Marker - Fort Worth.

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