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Application for Listing Private Historical Markers with the State included.....

Historical Marker - Wichita Falls.

Shady Grove Cemetery

This open landscape cemetery, one of the oldest burial grounds in Wood County, first served pioneer settlers of the Shady Grove community. One of the earliest area settlers was Reuben Elledge, who brought his family here c. 1845. Elledge figured prominently in the development of Wood County as a com....

Historical Marker - Winnsboro.

Texas Revolution, Site of the First Shot of the

The monument, faced with Texas gray granite, sixteen feet two inches in width, thirteen feet six inches in height, and three feet ten and one-half inches in extreme depth, was designed by Phelps & Dewees, Architects. The great bronze plaque and the decorative figures carved in granite were designed ....

Historical Marker - .

Chisholm Trail Centennial Monument, Old

From Longhorn cattle gathering site, 1800 Longhorns were headed up and moved out of Cardwell Flats near here on April 1, 1866 on first Chisholm cattle drive to northern markets. Crockett Cardwell, owner of cattle bedground had gathered the herd with Thornton Chisholm of De Witt County serving as Tra....

Historical Marker - .

Jones, Sheriff John L.

Here on Feb. 6, 1897 Sheriff John L. Jones, ranchman John Gardner, deputies Tom Taylor, John Turman, Oscar Latta, Button Frazier & Bud Owens, wiped out the last of the Dalton gang, killed Jourd Nite & Jim Crane, shot & captured Jim Nite. Such officers & men as these brought law & order to this secti....

Historical Marker - .

Adobe Walls

ADOBE WALLS, SECOND BATTLE OF . The second battle of Adobe Walls occurred on June 27, 1874, when a buffalo hunters' camp, built in the spring of that year in what is now Hutchinson County, about a mile from the adobe ruins known as Adobe Walls was attacked by a party of about 700 Plains Indians, mos....

Ghosttown - Adobe Walls.


BOONVILLE, TEXAS . Boonville, the first county seat of Brazos County, was on Farm Road 158, which is also known as Boonville Road, two miles northeast of the site of what is now Bryan. The Republic of Texas Congress appointed a committeemade up of J. H. Jones, Eli Seale, William T. Millican , Joseph....

Ghosttown - Boonville.

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