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Pillot Cemetery

"Pillot Cemetery The earliest known settler on Willow Creek was Frenchman Claude Nicholas Pillot (1793-1862), whose family immigrated to the United States in 1832 and to Texas in 1837. He and his wife, Jeanne, established a home and farm in the area, and soon other French settlers joined them. Churc....

Historical Marker - Tomball.

Victoria County Monument

Center front: Under the Mexican Government Victoria was a district in 1832, a Municipality in 1835. Under the Republic of Texas Victoria County was created March 17, 1836 with Victoria as the County Seat. Its Territory has since been materially reduced through the creation of other counties. The pri....

Historical Marker - Victoria.

Memorial Square

Once the oldest public burial ground in Victoria, this square was laid in 1824 when Martin de Leon founded the town, then located in the Mexican State of "Coahuila and Texas". In early years the cemetery included the block to the east, and many Victoria pioneers were interred here. Burials of soldie....

Historical Marker - Victoria.

Wallisville Cemetery

Early settler Albert Gallatin Van Pradelles (1808-1884) set aside land at this site for the burial of his grandson, William M. "Willie" Chambers, who died on his third birthday on December 10, 1878. the land surrounding the grave was established as a legal cemetery in county deed records the followi....

Historical Marker - Wallisville.

World War I Peace Monument

At the close of "The Great War," the citizens of Water Valley wanted to honor those of their community who had served overseas. They were inspired by a small family monument erected on the eastern ridge of Mount McLaughlin in 1902. On Armistice Day, November 11, 1918, at least ten men and a burro na....

Historical Marker - Water Valley.

Ellis, Richard, Monument


Historical Marker - Waxahachie.

Old Plum Grove Cemetery

Old Plum Grove Cemetery began as a family burial ground. Texas pioneer John Y. Criswell buried his wife, Eleanor, on this site. The Criswell family was part of Stephen F. Austinís Third Colony, which arrived in Texas by 1830. In 1839, the Plum Grove Baptist Church, which would become linked to the c....

Historical Marker - West Point.

Woods Prairie Cemetery

Woods Prairie Cemetery Zadock Woods (d. 1842), veteran of the War of 1812 and one of Stephen F. Austin's Old Three Hundred colonists, brought his family to settle in this area in 1828. He built a fortified home on land deeded to his son, Montraville, and established a cemetery here for his family an....

Historical Marker - West Point.

Fort Graham

The Commission allocated $6,700 for the purchase of the fifty-acre site and the reconstruction of the barracks, partly from the original stone. The property is deeded to the Hill County Commissioners Court and is supervised by four trustees. The building and grounds are used for public gatherings an....

Historical Marker - Whitney.

Whitney Memorial Park

The construction of Whitney Dam caused the creation of this cemetery in 1950 for the reinterment of 1260 graves from six historic cemeteries in Hill and Bosque counties. Before Lake Whitney inundated several pioneer cemeteries, all of the gravesites and monuments were moved here and placed on nearly....

Historical Marker - Whitney.

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