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Faust Street Bridge

Caravans carrying supplies to Spanish missions in east Texas and other travelers crossed the Guadalupe River on El Camino Real (The King's Highway) near this site in the 18th century. It sometimes took weeks for floodwaters to subside so travelers could cross. In 1887, the Comal County commissioners....

Historical Marker - New Braunfels.

New Braunfels

Founded on March 21, 1845 by Carl, Prince of Solms-Braunfels, Commissioner-General of the Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas. Named after Prince Solms' estate, Braunfels, on the Lahn River in Germany. Its permanence was assured by John O. Meusebach, the second Commissioner-Gene....

Historical Marker - New Braunfels.

Juergens, Mary Theresa

(1809-October 31, 1891) German natives Conrad and Mary Theresa Hennecke Juergens came to Texas in 1833, the year of their marriage, and built a cabin near this site. In March 1836 as the Texas Revolution was raging, many Texas settlers, in fear of the advancing Mexican army, fled their homes in what....

Historical Marker - New Ulm Vicinity.

Burr's Ferry, Site of

An important communications point between Texas and the United States, especially during settlement era of early 1800's. Named for Dr. Timothy Burr (1790-1852), second cousin of U. S. Vice President Aaron Burr. Dr. Burr is said to have come to the Sabine area in 1809, but moved his family down from ....

Historical Marker - Newton.

Palacios Cemetery

The primary burial ground for citizens of Palacios, this cemetery dates to the beginnings of the community. The death of Alice Singer in 1905, three years after the founding of Palacios, gave rise to the need for a community cemetery. The land, which was once a part of the estate of Texas Cattle Bar....

Historical Marker - Palacios.

Reagan, John H., Monument

[plaque at base of monument reads:] Reagan Monument. Unveiled July 6, 1911. Sponsored by John H. Reagan Chapter, UDC. Pompeo Coppini, Sculptor....

Historical Marker - Palestine.

Culbertson, John James

(March 16, 1853 - September 27, 1932) Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, John James Culbertson grew up in large northeastern cities. He married Emily Lou Lee of New Jersey in 1882 and soon became a salesman for a cotton product company based in Alabama. During his southern travels, Culbertson saw the potenti....

Historical Marker - Paris.

Pettus, Town of

Oil capital of Bee County, Pettus was settled in the 1850's when John Freeman Pettus set up his sprawling ranch about 4 miles south of here. The son of one of Stephen F. Austin's first 300 colonists, Pettus was an extensive cattle and horse breeder. The town, previously called "Dry Medio" for a near....

Historical Marker - Pettus.

Wood, George Tyler, Governor

(1795-1858) Born in Georgia, where he fought in Indian wars, was a merchant, and member of State Legislature. In 1839, he moved with family to Texas, settling in this area. He was a member of 6th Congress of the Republic of Texas, 1841-1842; a delegate to the 1845 Annexation Convention; a member of ....

Historical Marker - Point Blank.

Sparks Settlement Cemetery

John and Melinda Sparks and their family came to southeast Texas from Tennessee in 1838. They settled on the Jeremiah Mixon headright on Lake Sabine and later set aside land for a family burial ground. The land was acquired by the Port Arthur Land Company in 1896. Although Melinda and John Sparks, a....

Historical Marker - Port Arthur.

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